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Kelly Couto - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Kelly Couto

Business Name: Capital Economic Magazine

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Bazil,

Establishment (Year): 2017

Category/Industry: Advertising & Marketing

Profession/ Specialty: Public Relations

Social Media: Instagram Company Detail:

Capital Economic is a News Portal and Digital Magazine with publications specialized in Economy, Entrepreneurship and Career. They contribute relevant content to drive business and the global economy. Their readers are opinion makers, decision makers and professionals from different markets. It all started when Kelly Couto, Brazilian, founder of the communication vehicle, tried to enter the field of journalism after she graduated in Brazil, but did not find an opportunity.

Black, daughter of a single mother who worked in cleaning and born and raised in the ghetto, the entrepreneur did not have the financial resources to invest in education. And one of the main challenges of working in newsrooms in Brazil was speaking fluent English. As she was not fluent in the language and the investment in English courses in the country where she lived was too high for her reality, she decided to study English on her own, watching series, listening to music, practicing free classes on YouTube and decided to create their own magazine. Initially Kelly wrote the contents and invested in a website where she could publish her coverage on Entrepreneurship, Careers and Business. The project grew, gaining readers around the world and, over time, brands began to sponsor advertising spaces.

The entrepreneur grew and continued to invest in more knowledge, which led her to move to the USA, where she did several immersions, one of them at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT in Entrepreneurship and Startup. Today Kelly is an entrepreneur in digital media and Associate Public Relations at one of the largest media agencies in the USA, with offices in Boston, New York, Las Vegas and Florida.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

They generate value through highly relevant content for thinking readers, who form opinions and who want to be up to date with the main news and market and relationship analysis. Their marketing campaigns are not product-oriented, but relationship-oriented. Capital Economic dialogues with a public interested in creating connections in the business world that promote a legacy. They also contribute with important discussions and guidelines that can boost proposals foreseen in the UN 2030 Agenda, such as gender equality, fight against racism, female empowerment, and ageism, between others.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

The biggest of all was investing in knowledge to create opportunities. After she invested in knowledge, the challenge was to get financial resources to make the business grow

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

4 factors are fundamental for the growth of a business: Knowledge, Competence, Faith and Luck.

Knowledge opens your eyes.

Competence makes you great.

Faith helps you deal with adversity and

Luck opens paths.

So her advice is: never stop studying. And that doesn't mean you need to go to a university bench. Study and Learn. Learn about everything, even what is not related to your market, so you can extract as much knowledge as possible and apply it. Did you acquire knowledge? Always look for competition. Always be one step ahead and do everything with absolute quality. Have faith to understand the process when everything seems difficult and you won't make it and finally, seek luck. Many times you have the previous three qualities, but you need to know someone influential, or be somewhere at the right time. But this will only happen if you facilitate paths. If you stay at home or in the office waiting for the phone to ring, or receive a message, it may not happen. In summary: seek to combine Knowledge, Competence, Faith and Luck that the probability of success happening is very high



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