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Kavitha Shekar- Founder and CEO of Sai Collections

Great Companies: What are the various attractions provided by your company which makes customers choose you over others?

Kavitha Shekar: Lightweight gold and silver jewelry, changeable jewelry, revamping old jewelry to make it suit the trends and the most important is the personal touch of the CEO. 

Great Companies: How do you ensure that the customers are completely satisfied?

Kavitha Shekar: One to one conversations with queries, on time delivery, matching the clients expectations, thoughts, likings and budget.

Great Companies: How often do you refresh your stocks sticking to the latest trends?

Kavitha Shekar: We customise our creations hence the stock is always updated.

Great Companies:  Having experience over 2 decades, how do you ensure that it is budget friendly, unique and authentic?

Kavitha Shekar: We create designs and patterns that matches the clients requirements and make sure the weight and additional charges are within their budget. We make sure that every design is unique and not available in the market by sketching each product and the authenticity comes with experience.

Great Companies:  If any customer is not satisfied, are there any return policies?

Kavitha Shekar: We have gold to gold exchange policy with terms and conditions of the product. 



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