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Karann Chowdhary- Director of Qziae Consulting Private Limited

Great Companies:What are the services Qziae provides to its customers?

Karann Chowdhary:We provide the following services to your customers a. Web Software Development Solutions and Services, which includes but not limited to i. Website Concept Design and Development ii. Customized CRM Development iii. Customized ERP Solutions iv. Portal Development v. Process Automation Solutions vi. E-Commerce platform development b. Business Strategy and Process Consulting – Our services include i. Startup Consulting and Go-To Market Strategies ii. Product Analysis and Business Due Diligence iii. Project Management Consulting and Training iv. International Business Setup Services v. India Entry Services c. Corporate Communications d. Content Development and Management

Great Companies:How do you manage your customers? Karann Chowdhary:We follow our own process which includes the following approach: a. We participate with our clients to walk with them on the same platform to understand their needs and expectations effectively. b. We collaborate to create state of the art solutions for them which not only improves their business productivity, but also increases their revenue potentials. c. We integrate with your already existing systems, processes and organizational culture to blend our approach for high level of acceptance and collective progress. d. We analyze to record a clear perspective of your environment which assists us in building the right solution for you the first time, every-time. e. We execute and learn with your teams to optimize our solutions, and we continuously improve our delivery experiences.

Great Companies: What is the main objective of Qziae? Karann Chowdhary:To be a preferred partner for Business Growth and Expansion. To be a valuable business associate asset to our Clients, Partners, Organizations, Startups, SME’s and our Vendors. To be an active contributor to the betterment of the society by introducing innovative ways to improve the quality of life, culture and human values Globally.

Great Companies:What makes Qziae different from others? Karann Chowdhary:It is our vision and beliefs that makes us unique and different from others. We are a Culturally Diversified Ethical World Organization (CDEWO). We create an inspirational platform to facilitate collective growth and learning for our employees, peers, associates, clients and our vendors.

Great Companies:What is the secret behind the success of Qziae? Karann Chowdhary:The secret behind our success is our Ethical code of Conduct and our Core Values. We believe that It takes a pure thought to create a positive pattern which over a period of time materializes itself into a beautiful reality. Every experience in our journey motivates us to collaborate with our peers, associates and clients to grow together and become wiser as we move along.



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