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Kansaltancy Ventures – The Best Venture Capital and Investment Bank in APAC region

Before delving into Tushar Kansal and Kansaltancy Ventures' journey, let's closely examine the trends in Investment Banking and Venture Capital.

Industry Statistics

As per a recent report by Bain - Digest 2023:

  • India's share in Asia-Pacific VC investments reached about 20%, demonstrating a significant presence in the region.

  • The pattern of deal flow has notably shifted towards early-stage deals, indicating a rising interest in nurturing startups from inception.

  • There has been an increase in investment in cities beyond the top three metros, showcasing the diversification of investment opportunities across the nation.

  • In 2022, India saw the addition of 23 new unicorns, surpassing China and bringing the total number of unicorns in the country to 108. However, in 2023, the number of Unicorns dropped to 67 due to Funding winter.

  • The total deal flow in India's venture capital market exceeded USD 25 billion, reflecting the robust growth and potential of the startup ecosystem.


India stands as one of the largest global markets for venture capital, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The surge in venture capital investments, alongside the rise of startups across various sectors, has fueled the country's economic growth and global recognition.

Initiatives like Startup India and Invest India, along with the proliferation of Entrepreneurship Development Cells (EDCs) in colleges, have significantly boosted the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The number of startups registered with Startup India has surged from around 400 in 2016 to over 100,000 today.

India's demographic advantage, with an average age of 29 years, positions it as a hub for innovation and talent. As labor costs in traditional manufacturing hubs like China rise, India emerges as an attractive destination for companies seeking to diversify operations.

About Tushar Kansal:

Amidst industry shifts, Tushar Kansal stands as a prime example of entrepreneurial success. As the Founder and CEO of Kansaltancy Ventures, he has played a pivotal role in shaping India's investment banking and venture capital sector.

Tushar Kansal is recognized as a seasoned professional, acclaimed as both a "Thought Leader" and a "Thought Influencer." As the Founder and CEO of Kansaltancy Ventures, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise, supporting startups and growth-stage companies across diverse tech and non-tech sectors. With over 85 recommendations on LinkedIn, Tushar's impact in the industry is widely acknowledged.

His accolades include Kansaltancy Ventures being honored the "Best Investment Bank in Venture Capital 2023" and "Brands to watch out in 2024" by Great Companies.. He was also awarded as the "Best Startup Supporter" at the "IndiaFirst Tech Startup Conclave" by the

"All India Council for Robotics & Automation - AICRA," presented by Dr. Kiran Bedi. Additionally, he has been awarded the prestigious title of "Business Leader of the Year in Investment Management" by the "Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry" and named "Entrepreneur of the Year 2022" by Business Connect magazine. 

Tushar's influence extends beyond his role at Kansaltancy Ventures; he serves as a Venture Advisor with Loyal VC, an INSEAD-led Canadian VC Fund with over 365+ portfolio investments spanning 15+ sectors in 60+ countries. As a mentor and speaker at entrepreneurship cells of top institutions like IITs and IIMs, he shares his expertise in financial and business advisory.

His insights are sought after by leading business news channels and publications such as CNN-News18, Venture Capital Tv, Business World, Tech Thirsty, and Digital Market Asia. Having participated in over 300 talks, Tushar is renowned for his expertise in venture capital and strategic services.

With a mission to empower change-makers, Tushar leverages his extensive network of 450+ investors and VC funds to identify sector-agnostic global deals. His experience spans multiple sectors, from venture capital at Brand Capital to consulting at Deloitte & Touche, and from leading MTS India's finance operations to serving as CFO of DLI, a USD 295 billion Guggenheim Partners-owned company.

Background and Education:

Tushar's journey began with a solid educational foundation. He holds an Executive education from Harvard Business School, an MBA in Finance from the University of Delhi, and a B.Tech from The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences, affiliated with the prestigious Textile Institute Manchester, UK.

From the Life Learnings of Tushar Kansal - Personality & skills for a successful Founder:

  • Genuine innovators are open to starting anew, constantly exploring different paths toward their goals.

  • Fear of the discomfort that comes with redoing things in a different way signifies stagnation rather than progress; it's a sign of aging, not moving forward.

  • Inspiration is fleeting; act on your motivation promptly. Delaying action increases the likelihood of losing that motivation over time.

  • Be impatient in your actions but patient with the results. Act swiftly, but be flexible and understanding as results may take time to materialize.

  • Listen, absorb, and learn from others, but forge your own path. No one can outdo you at being yourself.

More Life Lessons of Tushar Kansal - Traits & Skills for Professional Success:

• Identify the individuals, businesses, and projects that specifically demand your unique skills; that's your distinct contribution.

• Engage in activities that feel like play to you but appear as work to others. This mindset can turn enjoyable pursuits into monetizable ventures.

• Let your work be everyone else's job while it remains a passion for you. Your dedication makes you unstoppable when work becomes your vocation.

• A content person desires many things, while a discontent person seeks only one. Endless desires can disrupt your peace; simplicity is key.

• Excessive desire leads to suffering. The more you want, the less likely you are to attain your desires.

• Cultivating a habit of reading for an hour daily places you among the top 0.001%.

• Consistently engaging with material that sparks your curiosity is crucial.

• A clear mind improves judgment, leading to better outcomes.

• To live in harmony with reality, gain a deep understanding of what you do and why you do it.

• Grasp the basics of life, including arithmetic, philosophy, basic logic, and similar concepts.

• Wealth isn't solely generated by trading time for money. Your personal brand, intellectual property, and societal value are essential for uniqueness.

• Own a stake in a business, whether it's yours or someone else's.

• Traditional multiplier tools relied on capital and labor; modern ones are rooted in code and media.

• Contemporary tools offer an open and egalitarian space for exploration.

• In an age of limitless tools, sound judgment is crucial. Create room for flexibility to exercise this vital skill.

• Boredom often sparks creativity.

• True winners have the self-awareness and self-control to step out of the game.

• Success lies in finding contentment for 30 minutes; reaching a state where winning or losing holds no significance.

Some Famous quotes of Tushar Kansal:

• 'It's time we recognize ourselves as a product of nature rather than a product of the Digital World. Sustainability isn't a choice but a necessity now.'

• ‘Industry 5.0 will focus on Digital Detox, Nature travels, Earth preservation, Plant-based Foods, a balanced life, and giving Mother Earth much-needed breathing space’

• ‘Fix just one thing in India – “Contract enforcement” and watch India become the top Global economy in no time!’

• 'Understanding the "Why" behind an action is crucial in a world bombarded with data from various screens.'

• ‘India needs a strong INR (Indian National Rupee)! It's disappointing for the 3rd largest economy in PPP terms, with low Debt vis-à-vis GDP, to not provide a welcoming environment for the Rich and large Business owners. When our policymakers and Economists recognize and act on this, we'll join the top league of Nations globally, including a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.’

Kansaltancy Ventures: Leading the Way in Excellence

Established in 2016, Kansaltancy Ventures quickly gained prominence in the investment banking and venture capital sectors. Since then, it has been instrumental in supporting over 5,000 startups. Leveraging its extensive network comprising more than 450 institutional investors from India, Singapore, Dubai, the US, and the UK, it has facilitated funding exceeding USD 100 million. Additionally, serving as a Venture Advisor for the Canadian VC Fund "Loyal VC," it has contributed to the growth of over 365 companies spanning 15 sectors across 60+ countries. Its upcoming VC Fund, valued at USD 25 million, is poised to provide crucial capital infusion to its network of startups. Furthermore, it will offer tailored management practices, leveraging domain specialization, to enhance their overall business operations. Led by Tushar, the company has offered vital support to startups and growing businesses, solidifying its position as an industry leader.


Tushar's expertise spans various domains, from financial due diligence and valuation to investment management and corporate finance. With experience gained from multinational corporations and venture capital funds, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Awards and Certifications

  • The Company won the "Best Investment Bank in Venture Capital 2023" and "Brands to watch out in 2024" by Great Companies

  • Tushar's contributions have been recognized with prestigious awards such as the "Best Startup Supporter" Award by the All India Council for Robotics & Automation presented by Dr. Kiran Bedi at Le Meridien New Delhi. 

  • He has also achieved the "Entrepreneur of the Year 2022" title by Business Connect Magazine 

  • "Business Leader of the Year in Investment Management 2021" honor conferred by the Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Kansaltancy Ventures has solidified its position as the go-to investment bank and venture capital firm for startups and growth-stage enterprises. Providing mentoring, equity funding, debt solutions, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions, the company has earned the reputation of being the top player in the industry.

With a commitment to empowering change-makers, Kansaltancy Ventures offers a wide range of services including venture capital, private equity, angel investment, various debt financing options, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic services. Leveraging a vast network and domain expertise, the firm drives growth across global tech and non-tech sectors, backed by investments from over 450 global VC and investor relationships.

Since its establishment in 2016, Kansaltancy Ventures has assisted over 5,000 startups in achieving their goals. Additionally, the company has launched its Angel Network – Saffron First – and is currently in the process of launching its inaugural VC Fund worth USD 100 million.

Partnerships and Accomplishments

The organization has established collaborations with leading global accelerators and incubators, such as Starterbites Ventures (US), and prestigious entrepreneurship development cells at esteemed institutions like IITs, IIMs, and universities. Additionally, it has partnered with renowned angel networks like Faster Capital (UAE) and AngelHub (Hong Kong), venture capital funds such as World 5 Fund and Supporters Fund (Canada), and family offices like Tomorrow Capital. Moreover, the company has actively participated in chambers of commerce and industries like TiE, FICCI, and EU Tech Chamber, in addition to engaging with startup and technology platforms like Founders Genie, and media platforms such as Venture Capital TV (Singapore) and Business World.

Notable Engagements and Shows

Tushar Kansal's extensive engagements include appearances on CNN-News18:

His life story and insightful series have been featured on various platforms:

Moreover, Tushar has contributed significantly to YouTube-based Venture Capital Tv (Latoken VCTV), hosting 51 shows:

Additionally, he has written articles for prominent publications such as Business World and Inc42:

You can explore more of his articles here::

Furthermore, Tushar has shared his insights through selected podcasts:

His impact is evident through extensive online visibility:


You can find testimonials for Tushar Kansal and Kansaltancy Ventures at the following link:

Connect with Tushar Kansal

You can explore more about Tushar Kansal and Kansaltancy Ventures through the following links:

Social Media Links:

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