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Kanika Kapur: Winner of the 2024 Great Companies International women Entrepreneur Award

Name: Kanika Kapur

Business Name: Spin Wealth

Location: Mumbai , India

Establishment (Year): 2015

Category: Personal Services

Profession/ Specialty: Wealth Creation

Social Media : Linkedin | Instagram

Company Detail:

Spin Wealth is a pioneering financial services company dedicated to empowering women through expertise and demystifying investing. With a remarkable AUM exceeding ₹75 crore, Spin Wealth is passionately committed to enabling women to take charge of their finances and achieve financial freedom. Embracing the philosophy that empowering women to manage their wealth is akin to nurturing the soul, Spin Wealth's business operations are driven by a relentless pursuit of women's financial empowerment, collaboration, and success.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

As the Chief Investment Strategist and Founder at Spin Wealth, Kanika Kapur takes immense pride in their unique and empowering approach to wealth creation. Spin Wealth sets itself apart by championing a personalized and partnership-based model that prioritizes the financial well-being of clients. Instead of selling products, Spin Wealth is dedicated to guiding individuals on their wealth creation journey. They believe in empowering clients to take charge of their finances through tailored investment strategies.

At Spin Wealth, products are recommended based on each client's distinct investment goals and risk profile. They don't just stop at recommendations; they take the time to thoroughly explain the reasoning behind each suggestion and address any questions clients may have. Their commitment to coaching and empowering clients extends to granting them the autonomy to make the final decisions regarding their investments.

The USP lies in the personalized partnership, empowerment, and education they offer, fostering a unique sense of trust and confidence that distinguishes Spin Wealth from other financial service providers.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

In the pursuit of empowering women and promoting financial literacy, Kanika Kapur has faced the formidable challenge of navigating the male-dominated finance industry in India. Convincing women to take control of their finances when societal norms dictate otherwise has been a significant obstacle. The prevalence of financial fraud due to a lack of literacy further underscores the urgency of empowering women to manage their finances. Kanika's unwavering determination to overcome these challenges has led her to advocate for financial empowerment and independence.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

"Financial freedom is freedom from fear" - Robert Kiyosaki

And freedom from any sort of fear empowers you. Kanika's philosophy is to empower Indian women by taking them on this enriching journey of financial freedom. She likes to start by setting an encouraging example. Hence, Spin Wealth employs only women. They also have many wonderful women as clients and work with them to create and grow their wealth and eventually lead them to financial freedom.

One of Kanika's very first learnings in this business was that most Indian women were naive and easy prey to all the con men/women. The very simplicity of their queries used to shock her. There are a lot of con men and con women out there who would have definitely taken these naive women's money and vanished. Kanika found this very ironical. In a country where goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Durga are worshipped, those same worshippers cheat women in real life. These women are the feminine energy of the very goddesses worshipped. It's at that moment that Kanika decided that this irony is not going to exist in her own life. She realized the first step on any journey is awareness and education. And she started on a journey to financially educate Indian women to make sure that they don't get cheated. That is when Kanika started conducting workshops to teach women the basics of money so that they can take charge of their finances and not get cheated. Since then, she has been very active in this space of spreading investor awareness and imparting financial education. She has been conducting several workshops to teach the populace the basics of money skills. Also, Kanika has furthered this cause as a guest faculty at the BSE training institute.



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