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Just A Thought, Great Companies SME Business of the Year Award Winner 2021

Company Name: Just A Thought

Founder Name: Ramya K A Setty

Category and Sub-Category: Digital Marketing

City: Bangalore

Year of Founding: 2015

Can you provide us with a description about your Brand / Company:

Started in 2015, the company focuses on content marketing, building brands through a strong online presence. It also specializes in allied works – design and creation, consultation, blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, campaigns and more, increasing virality and helping retain and gain more customers / clients.

JAT is headquartered in Bangalore with operations in Chennai and Dubai. The company communicates, reaches and engages with audience through the digital space, garnering prestigious and repeated clients over the years.

USP / Competitive Advantage:

For Ramya, each project that JAT undertakes is unique bringing different ideas, targets and strategies. She firmly believes that a perfect amalgamation of traditional methods and online marketing is key to make magical wonders happen to one’s product / business. And this has been instrumental in pushing JAT to the position it is today.

Your accomplishments, milestones achieved so far:

Recently, JAT had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate - An award - the "Best Content Marketing Agency 2020 - India" in the Technology Innovator Awards 2020 hosted by Corporate Vision magazine, going on to show hard work and persistence paying off.

Target Customers:

Each individual and business has a right to have digital presence and to ensure there is reach the easy way, Ramya opened JAT, with an ideology that ‘if you have a story, we are here to tell the world about it’.

1 comment

1 Comment

Anthony Morgan
Anthony Morgan
Jan 14, 2022

El estrés, los nervios, la ecología son ahora nuestros amigos. Desafortunadamente es. Así que no espere, si hay un problema, resuélvalo. Recientemente me encontré con un problema debajo del cinturón. Y luego encontró en Internet, y si el primer encuentro fue terrible, el segundo fue abrumadoramente positivo.

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