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John Whitlock - Managing Partner of DMP

Great Companies: Please tell me something about the business and how did you come up with such an idea?

John Whitlock: DMP has recently been shortlisted as finalists for the prestigious Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2020. We are proudly shortlisted in business category "Excellence in Customer Service.

It was announced yesterday that Managing Partner John Whitlock is shortlisted for the UK Construction Week 2020 Role Model. Details are on UKCW website.

Great Companies: What are the various services and products provided by your company?

John Whitlock: DMP offer a range of key professional services; provide our clients within building surveying, project management and architectural services. In addition, cost consultancy, planning and development, and contract administration.

DMP proudly works across a range of industries, including; office and commercial, education, warehouse and industrial, retail, healthcare, conservation and residential.

Great Companies: Why should one choose you over others in this field?

John Whitlock: Current client satisfaction results last 6 months;

  • 100% of our clients would recommend DMP to others.

  • Overall satisfaction achieved 9.5/10

  • 50% of clients used DMP following a recommendation 100% of our clients confirm their project aims and objectives successfully met.

DMP proudly became ISO9001 accredited. It is said that once you have obtained the accreditation the hard work begins. Our target for the next 24 months is to continue aligning our business with the ISO9001 standards while building on this success and develop a robust auditing process.

Our objective and focus is to continue building on the quality management system we have in place and established. To continue to understand and advance the industry we operate in, drive client satisfaction further and maintain staff achievement. We will be measured on the following.

· Understanding our organisation and the industry we operate in.

· Leadership - commitment to our staff and clients / client focus / quality policy.

· Planning – knowing our risks / setting quality objectives / planning for the future.

· Support – supporting our staff, providing infrastructure and resources / monitoring and measuring staff / good communication / strong control of documented information / training our staff.

· Operation – planning and control.

· Performance Evaluation – staff and client satisfaction / management reviews / internal audits.

· Improvement - understanding and manage non-conformities / continual improvement.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

John Whitlock: The recent COVID-19 has been one of our biggest threats. However, due to our careful management strategy, regular management meetings and clear operational direction, we are able to pivot our business. A good example of this is with the recent "shut down" and the office being closed, we were unable to carry out many Building Surveying activities. This resulted in an overnight loss of income revenue. However, we immediately focused our energy on the Architectural Consultancy side of the business, flexing the business capabilities and resources. Maximizing identified opportunities, targeting clients, redirecting advertising and newsfeed. This business pivoting meant that we could maintain workflow for our team and remain profitable. We are constantly reviewing the current situation and looking for new opportunities within a difficult and changing industry.

Great Companies: What do you think are the few main things which are most important for a successful business?

John Whitlock: The following points and behaviours are important for a successful business;

· Strategic thinking – planning for the future, making small actionable steps which the team can follow, ensuring DMP meets the bigger goal.

· Self-Motivated – driving the LLP business forward, maintaining standards.

· Courage – Trying new things and ways of working, having trust and confidence in his team, rising to challenges.

· Integrity – Strong moral values which are now embedded into the DMP values, showing sincerity and honesty.

· Ethical – This is another of the DMP values. This also helps to guide the teams decisions and behaviours and links beautifully into ISO9001

· Empathy and Compassion – thinking of others and their needs within the workplace. Able to make adjustments and listens to individuals.

· Interested in feedback – reaching out for client and staff feedback through one to ones/appraisals, questionnaires. · Respect – building effective relationships which are based on mutual respect. · Fair – looking at each situation and judging it with fairness. · Leading by example – Great leaders always lead by example.



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