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Jinesh Sheth : CEO of C J Sheth & Co

Great Companies:  Kindly brief the services provided by your company. Jinesh Sheth: C J Sheth & Company is an Home Décor Company Based in Bangalore with a PAN India supply network which specializes in Importing and Distributing Wallpapers, Laminated Wooden Flooring, Vinyl Flooring and SPC Flooring. Our main focus is on B2B sales, where we supply to other resellers across India and also take up complete end to end solutions from supply to installation and work with Architects and Interior Designers. Great Companies: Why should one choose C J Sheth & Co. over others?  Jinesh Sheth: We are over 40 years in business, so there is a lot of trust and goodwill associated. One cannot survive in this economy without having trust and loyal clients and this is built only due to our work policy, ethics and culture. We believe in ethical work and complete honestly and transparency with our clients. Apart from this we believe in offering best price points and after sales service to our clients which gets them back to us whenever they have any requirements. Apart from that We Have over 10,000 of the latest designs and trends in Wallpapers so our clients have ample designs to chose from.

Great Companies:  How often do you update your designs going with the trends? Jinesh Sheth: Being in a dynamic design field we need to be updated with whats in trend and whats going to be the next trend. To do the same we regularly visit International Trade Shows and Exhibitions where new Collections and Designs are launched. After carefully analyzing all designs and trends we choose the ones which are suited and popular for Indian Market. Each country has a different type of taste in terms of designs depending on their culture and background. Once we launch new designs and collections we exhibit the same in trade shows like HGH India to showcase to our clients. In Indian Market , popular Wallpaper designs are Damask, Abstract and Textured type of designs.

Great Companies:  What was the presence you have and network you cater to? Jinesh Sheth: We have Distributors for our products in all Major Metro Cities of India and we cater to over 500 dealers across South India. Great Companies:  How do you ensure the quality of the services provided? Jinesh Sheth: When we Import any product, we get the products manufactured overseas as per the highest quality certification. We do not compromised on quality for getting a lower priced product as we do not cater to those clients who prefer price over quality.

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