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Jasbirr Grover, Founder at Coachinggeenie

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Jasbirr Grover:

Who is Coachinggeenie?

CONFIDENCE Life Coach, Study Overseas Mentor and Campus Placement Expert help Teens 2 Twenties to boost their confidence self-belief and get aligned with their true self!

Coachinggeenie is dedicated to:

• The Daughter is constantly belittled and laughed at because she was labelled a rebellious child who lost her father at 3 years.

• The Mother of two sons, who constantly worked towards her purpose and passion and was shunned being way too honest and authentic ̈not smart enough to handle or manipulate things for her job, salary, etc.

• The Youngest Sister, whose opinion was not considered because she ̈does not fit in the world of duality or fake show-off.

• The Wife, who has seen her loveable husband, faced extreme harassment in the second last organisation and almost gave up after losing his next job in 2019. Our family was given a different look by the own so-called people.

• The Mentor, who has been constantly taken for granted by endless people in the last 15 years but acknowledged and appreciated by a few rare and natural gems and they helped me scale the ladder the success.

An Author of 'Know Ur Unique Self' the story of book creation is a heartwarming story of mother and son who crated this book together to share the power of positivity to help others walk through their inner journey.

How did you get your idea?

For the third time in 2017, I decided to stand for values after seeing the most significant ego issues in the higher education system, which created a massive problem in students' final year. This was a fight against an old mentality system, and I was told you don't intervene in academics.

I had a detailed conversation with my husband, both sons Divjjot and Jagraj and two of my most powerful students, Sumeet Singh, from 2016 and Lakshya Gulati from 2017. There was a huge pain and anguish on seeing the troubles students face and sticking to my dream to inspire and empower youngsters from different walks of life with average scores and middle-class backgrounds.

How would it be if educators, teachers mentors worldwide acknowledge, appreciate, and embrace these youngsters within their hearts and embrace their gaps, fears, and challenges in their own language to uplift themselves and their families out of whatever dire circumstance they are in?

I started teaching IELTS online in 2017 and used it to lead back to back, helping working professionals get the desired scores for Immigration. My results were excellent. I started getting strong references and recommendations, and the live train started driving again. We got students with solid organic word of mouth of recommendations. We began with United Kingdom (UK) and then expanded with Canada and got 100% success.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Coachinggeenie

Jasbirr Grover:

Coaching Mentoring Training

Study Overseas complete solutions starting from IELTS training, profile building as per requirements, CV preparation, Course Country and University Selection as per budget preference and profile, Visa, LOR, SOP's but this service is something all consultants offer, We in addition to these services provide coaching and mentoring once students land in a new country and struggle with many challenges we hold their hands in those situations to understand the issues and try to find the best solutions. We get regular updates about their academic performance and help them with strategies search part-time job and manage time,stress,to maintain a healthy study work balance. We are proud to say we have achieved 100% results despite many changes in travelling restrictions, civil and our few students even have completed their education and get the full-time jobs.

Formed in 2017, Coachinggeenie Jasbirr is a well-respected and appreciated name among students, parents, and society in Delhi NCR. Our organisation shares a fundamental belief in improving the opportunities and outcomes of students and parents with the power of great partnership and association.

I work with parents and students who want to boost and raise their confidence and aim to achieve success in their personal life or career.

Parents and students often get confused and don't know which decision to make. I help them overcome that and find the solutions to make them walk on the right path. My methods are not just book-based; they come from my personal and present experiences of 15 years. That's why I can profoundly connect with my clients and understand where they are coming from.

In Coachinggeenie, we allow all the parents and students to share their issues challenges freely and safely, which further help us to help them reach their full potential. This goal is accomplished through a collaborative learning approach of acknowledgement by removing the blocks of belief and confidence to achieve success.

Great Companies: What makes Coachinggeenie different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Jasbirr Grover: We thrive and aspires to help our students achieve excellence in all areas of their lives with our long-term coaching and mentoring on a long term basis, and unlike others, our job does end when students get a visa or reach their dream destination.

The parents and families who opt for our services are the ones who know and understand the role and importance of mentoring, and they see it as an investment for the overall development of their children. Our whole team works with integrity and demonstrates respect for every parent and student's individual needs. We just don't enroll every student for the sake of money. We do things that are never in the highest interest of Students on a long term basis.

Too much social media hype, unnecessary information and suggestions of relatives is the biggest problem we encounter in this work where people without knowing the capabilities and knowledge keep on suggesting others.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Jasbirr Grover: Too much social media youtube information suggestions of relatives is the biggest problem we encounter in this work where relatives without knowing and understanding the student's background keep on suggesting countries courses universities.

Second biggest problem-Instead making kids independent, parents search the places based on who is where and say We have such and such person there which I don't see an ideal approach bcoz in the new country its new journey which that student has to go through the more they see and learn from their own experiences the better they will perform in their life.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What do 5 years down the line look like for Coachinggeenie?

Jasbirr Grover: Plans is to connect with School Colleges and universities in India and abroad to help our students with the fastest processor and get them better opportunities.

Coachinggeenie Foundation to Promote "Humanity-Culture-Mindfulness-through Creativity" We envision building a society of global citizens to uplift and elevate youngsters to live the life of their dreams beyond any limiting belief, practising mindfulness.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Jasbirr Grover: I wish to share three essential pieces of advice instead of one.

1. Love whatever you do. If you know and believe what you are doing is enlightening the life of your clients or employers, success will search your address.

2. Search people who will help or assist. Keep your energies and thoughts positive with the power of gratitude.

3. Work with conviction and integrity to impress supreme power. God rest will automatically get impressed.

List of Awards Received:

  • Mentor of the year in Higher Education Award (Overseas) from MSME Chamber of commerce & Industry of India.

  • Sashakt Naari Samman Award Celebration by MMIFF (Mentor & Mascot Indian Film Federation) MMIFF 2021

  • 100 Motivational Mom Award 2021 by July Nightwear

  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam National Award 2021

  • 5th Dr. Sarojini Naidu the Nightingale of India International Award for Working Women 2021

  • Best Guru Award (Female) by GISR Foundation, Noida in 2020

  • We Pitch Global Summit Competition Winner Delhi - NCR Series 2

  • Global Inspirational Women Award from Trident Exclusive Lifestyle & Media Ltd 2022.

  • The Most Inspiring women of the Earth from Swaran Bharat Parivaar Trust 2022

  • Life Coach of the year from Vyapaar Jagat Convention & Award 2021.

  • 1000 women of Asia Award from Womenovator Global Summit 2021.

  • Women Prestige Awards 2022 from Lions Club Delhi Veg

  • First position in the category of Craft in World Book of Records London

  • Nations Pride Women Excellency of India

  • International Award from Project Balika Vidhya

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