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Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

JAFFAR SADIQ: I Started my carrier journey at year of 2002 after completing my Bachelor degree from Engineering in India and joined in a Furniture Manufacturing unit in Dubai. I always love to work on new challenge and my passion to learn new things which was the one of the reasons took me to the position of Chief Operating Officer from Supervisory role.

During my tenure in GCC, I booked and executed various mega projects and got appreciation letter for proper handing over of projects In time with quality as per client requirement for iconic projects executed in UAE.

I gained 23 years of Experience out of which 18 years of Gulf Experience in the field of Interior Fit out Operations and to add on my further academic knowledge, I done my master’s degree in business administration.

I left Dubai at the year 2018 and made my footprint in my home country and to gain knowledge and better understanding of Indian market and customer, I started my carrier on senior Management role with a top best Interior Fit out manufacturing company located at Chennai, India and served the best in the industry as a well-known professional.

After a span of 3 years, I finally decided to start up my own private Interior Fit out company named as “JK PRO” to serve the best to my society with complete professionalism and quality standards from scratch to handover in the field of Interior Fit out and Construction.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by JK PRO PROJECTS & INTERIOR SOLUTIONS PVT LTD?

JAFFAR SADIQ: JK Pro Projects & Interior Solutions Pvt Ltd is a registered member of

“INDIAN GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL” and certified with “ISO 9001 : 2015” Private Limited company with exceptional quality of work with one stop solution to make "Your Dream Home into Reality”. We extend excellent personalized services in several fields of Construction & Architectural.

We are Dedicated to deliver the project needs of the Clientele, meeting the Global Standards and expectations, with Value Added Trust and Customer service & satisfaction by placing Powerful Communication and Dynamic Management systems in place. This collective vision of our management has made us one of the best in the Construction & Interior Companies in Chennai.

Great Companies: What makes JK PRO PROJECTS & INTERIOR SOLUTIONS PVT LTD different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

JAFFAR SADIQ: JK PRO work on the concepts of Design – Develop – Deliver. We clearly

understand the Client requirements and we work on it with complete professional way for the crystal-clear visibility of the parameter’s considerations based on client requirements.

We work each project with standard best operating procedures regardless on the value of the project. We use modern techniques and fully advanced machinery technologies for product conversation from raw materials to interior products. We do Proper communication to the client on day-to-day basis on the updates of the project status against the delivery deadline.

Customer Satisfaction and Quality of our Works are two important key element which we focus on to make our brand stronger in the market to serve best in Industry.

Great Companies: What were the struggles and challenges you faced and

how did you overcome them?

JAFFAR SADIQ: We generally face bringing down costs on the proposed designs, meeting

expectations of new clients and old clients and finding the right suppliers to them in their budget. We do value engineering to bring down the costs without major change in the proposed designs.

Most common challenge what we face to make the Client to understand the cost associated with fabrication of interior manual works vs machinery works and its related quality & reliability of the output. We totally execute our works in machinery fabrication and avoid manual process during fabrication and only installation will be manual .

Hence the comparison and advantages will be clearly explained to client for better understanding to execute their projects.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5

years down the line look like for JK PRO PROJECTS & INTERIOR SOLUTIONS


JAFFAR SADIQ: Construction & Interior Fit out Industry has got a good potential market

and it is in raising scale not only in India but also in Globe. But it is challenging industry because of heavy competition between small to big scale companies already in the race.

Hence to be in the top, we are mostly focusing business strategy on continuous improvements on our Quality of works & Customer satisfaction & Understanding what Customer wants. This will help to grow our business and make thrust on our works which by word of mouth of our customers will earn more customers to our company.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting

out, what would it be?

JAFFAR SADIQ: Being flexible to adapt quickly when things don't go as planned. Relying

on yourself for decision-making and seeking out mentors and advisors who have been successful entrepreneurs before — may offer valuable insights into how they built their company from scratch.

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