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Imperium Edutech Pvt. Ltd, Winner Of The Great Companies Global Business Award- 2022

Business Name: Imperium Edutech Pvt. Ltd.

Name: Harsha Upadhyaya

Location: Mumbai, India

Establishment (Year): 2021

Category / Industry: Education and E-Learning

Sub Category / Sub Industry: E-learning

Number of employees: 11-50 employees

Company Detail:

At Imperium Edutech, they create engaging custom e-learning courses and informative video content to help people perform better. They aim to make education affordable and accessible to children across the world without compromising on its efficacy or excellence. They help companies upskill their human resources with experiential, gamified online training modules

The solutions to Customer problems:

Problem- They work in collaboration with the government and Non-profits working in the education domain to build digital highways in Government schools by creating quality, engaging digital content. There is a dearth of quality educational and teacher training resources in regional Indian languages. They aim to bridge this gap of access to quality educational content for students and teachers in the rural population through their custom content development services specifically targeting this segment.

Solution- They partner non-profits, govt bodies to provide quality, localised digital educational content. They also work with them to create self-paced e-learning modules for upskilling teachers. Their unique storytelling and gamified approach help ensure the learning is fun and sticky.

Unique Value Proposition:

There is a dearth of free quality education and teacher training resources in local Indian languages. Also, most of the content available is boring and fails to motivate children to learn. Their unique storytelling and gamified approach along with the capability to develop digital content in local Indian languages helps them achieve their mission of providing access to quality educational content to every child.

Target Market:

Non-profits and govt bodies working in the education domain for providing digital curriculum-aligned content to kids and teacher upskilling/training e-learning content.

Company’s Internal Objectives related to innovation, customer service, and operational excellence:

  • Most innovative products/services,

  • Improve or focus research and development,

  • Investing on Great customer service,

  • Improve customer retention

A customer’s review:

  • Best value for the cost,

  • Best Service,

  • Understands my needs,

  • Most innovative products/services

Benefits to Employees:

  • Positive Work Environment,

  • A Fair Salary,

  • Job Security,

  • Work-Life Balance,

  • Offer Training and Development,

  • Growth Career Opportunities

Community / Society Service:

Though they are a relatively young and budding organization their core mission is to give back to society by developing quality educational content for children who cannot afford expensive Edtech. At the same time, they also contribute 1% of our profits every year to local non-profits working in the education space towards their cause.



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