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Business Name: IMAGE STATION

Founder’s Name: Manavalli Veena

Location:BENGALURU, India

Establishment (Year): 2016

Category and Sub-Category: Education

Company Detail:

Image Station as the name incurs is an Image Consulting and Training company; it also deals with the Woman Entrepreneurship programs. Closely introspecting the client’s needs, then offering customized solutions as per the needs of the client, Image Station aims to create an impressive and formidable image of the person. Broadly classifying the work of the company, Image Briefing and Personal Branding are its main components.

With fifteen years of experience in the Financial Services Sector, working mostly in customer facing roles, has given her a solid experience of dealing with customers from many industries. She is proud to have supported the needs of my customers and provided them value by managing multiple internal cross-functional teams and ensuring delivery of required services.

When training the teams on these vital skills, she realized the need for quality trainers in this field and decided to dedicate by career to helping individuals strengthen these skills.

The goal is to help build a personal brand image, impart training to bring out a unique personal essence, that reflects all the brilliance of individuals and teams– illuminating Possibilities!

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

Only result oriented workshops, Money Back guarantee.


  • Awarded National Award 2022 Brand of the Year by Honorable Governor of Karnataka from GIBF platform.

  • SikshaRatna Award by Max New York life and Axis Bank 2022



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