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How Pencilbox is Redefining Design and Visual Merchandising

Pencilbox is a highly reputed Indian design consultancy founded by Anuraag Singhal in May 2018. The company offers creative design and display solutions to businesses across the globe.

Pencilbox integrates multi-sensory design experiences for branding, product designing, packaging, advertising, visual merchandising, store designing, exhibition designing, POSM designing, corporate gift designing, idea designing, and marketing campaign designing. If it has got ‘Design’ attached to it, Pencilbox can do it! The company's creative approach of blending aesthetic and functional aspects together sets it apart from the rest. Every project is infused with a fresh perspective and an artistic touch that captivates audiences.

Pencilbox operates on a B2B model, collaborating with companies that seek to elevate their brand identity and communication strategies. The company operates as a trusted partner, ensuring a personalized touch to each project and a positive business outcome. Many reputed companies like Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd., StoreForce, Hadab, Apex, Harley Davidson, Reliance, Amway, etc spread across North America, Middle East, Australia, Bangladesh, and so on have benefited from Pencilbox’s design services.

The founder's background, years of experience, and passion for creativity drive the company forward to its 6th successful year. As per Anuraag S, Pencilbox is not just a business; it is a journey of inspiration, transformation, and artistic innovation. With each passing day, Pencilbox continues to shine its creative brilliance, lighting up the world of Design and Visual Merchandising.

Pencilbox's current endeavors are reaching a new pinnacle of design excellence with the upcoming launch of a book titled "30 Innovative Materials” for the Design Fraternity, scheduled to be released by November 2023. The book will showcase an array of 30 distinct, globally sourced materials complete with tangible samples, comprehensive vendor information, and their diverse range of applications. Marking Anuraag's fourth literary achievement, this publication further solidifies his status as the esteemed recipient of the 2023 Indian Book of Records award in the realm of Visual Merchandising. A true essential, this book is a must-have for all those eager to delve into the realm of Design and Visual Merchandising through the lens of innovative materials.



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