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Hiren Bhanushali of Super Watt Power Solutions LLP

Great Companies:What are the various services and products that you provide?

Hiren Bhanushali :Super Watt Power has expertise in delivering projects on Turnkey Basis in Solar Power Generation. Our areas of expertise include the following:

· Design, Engineering and Integration

· Supply of Solar Panels, Inverter & other Components

· Installation and Commissioning

· Operation & Maintenance

· Liaison with Government Agencies

· Solar Project Consultancy

· Solar Training

· Solar Water Heater

· Energy Auditing; and

· Designing and setting up Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Great Companies:How do you ensure the efficiency of your work?

Hiren Bhanushali :I have created a detailed step by step process and have implemented it in my company which takes care of all the aspects with least errors possible.

· I ensure that the progress and duration for each project has been tracked to improve the project efficiency and for faster execution in the next project.

· I continuously learn new efficiency techniques from books, articles, and successful people and implement it in my business.

· I update myself with the emerging technology and designing process leading to efficiency in the work.

· I have kept a proper communication mechanism to avoid misunderstanding between clients, employees and myself.

· Before the site is about to begin, the stock of the component is audited by myself to finish the site on time.

Great Companies:Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

Hiren Bhanushali : We have been channelled partner with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Maharashtra Energy Development Agency. We are also DIPP recognized Start-up company and we are MSME registered. This gives us credibility and increases our trust among the clients.We have in-house designing, installation and O&M team.

We also provide the clients with all the documentations, permissions and sanctions relating to Solar Industry.

We prepare a detailed quotation report with detailed information and complete transparency with no hidden charges.

We make a 3D structure of the building along with panel placement, so the clients get a 3D view of the location of the panel placements for their premises.

We do not compromise with the quality of the installation we do.We educate our clients in detail about the purpose of each and every component used before going forward with the installation.

Great Companies:What are the major issues faced while running this business?

Hiren Bhanushali :Cost conservative mind-set of the client and finalizing the lowest quote without comparing the quality of the product by the client has been one of the major issues while running this business.

High initial capital cost of the system and lack of knowledge about the system has led to increased efforts to convince the clients to go for Solar PV System.

Unstable voltage from the utility companies has led to faults in the system which has led to issues in running this business.

Ambiguity in the policy framing and lack of clear policies have also been hurdle in this industry.

Delay in disbursement of Subsidy from the government agencies to the end consumers have also been issue while running this business.

Great Companies:What led you to this field?

Hiren Bhanushali :My interest towards renewable energy field and how it has brought light and happiness to the life of the people by solving their problem of high electricity bill in urban areas and power failure issue in rural areas has led me to this field.

I was definitely looking for a business opportunity in new & emerging sector where the competition has been limited and this has also led me to this field.



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