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Harshal Trivedi, CEO at Tusker AI Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Harshal Trivedi: I have been serving in the IT-Industry for over a decade now. As a Entrepreneur and as a technologist coming from the Artificial Intelligence domain, I always wonder what more can be done to make people's lives easy and people can have liberty to experiment with AI without having core coding knowledge. I should be able to develop my own AI with my vision. How Enterprises can really involve AI in their daily operations. How can the Team Productivity and skillset both be improved? What can we do to add more value to people’s data? We have certain frameworks and tools for text data but what about Image and Video data?

How can we increase the vision in real time insights with video data and solve this dilemma within a few clicks in real time with Analytics brings me joy and satisfaction and I am happy to innovate the current operations?

And many more real time Operational AI problems that drove me here to consider this problem and find ways to solve it which I did.

These were the reasons that I processed in my last 2 successful ventures and that led the spark to solve it with my 3rd Venture TUSKER AI.

I have been working with Image-Video Data Analytical Solution for the past 5-6 years now, and after serving with several solutions globally we deep-dive a fact that Image-Video Analytics or Intelligent Solutions need Huge-Capital Investment in AI-Model Making to process the whole Pipeline.

Therefore, our vision is to revamp this whole ecosystem so that we can fulfill our goal of making Image-Video Analytical Solution to reach the masses and any Tech/Non-Tech person can experiment with AI in only a few-clicks.

We are on a mission to thrive AI for all & Vision Intelligence for Anybody, Anywhere.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Tusker AI Pvt. Ltd

Harshal Trivedi: TUSKER’s PAAS for Community by creating the right model and it’s all with only 3 clicks i.e. UPLOAD | TRAIN | DEPLOY.

TUSKER’s SAAS dashboards leverages actionable insights for end-users through their image-video data in real-time.

Great Companies: What makes Tusker AI Pvt. Ltd different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Harshal Trivedi:

The Conventional AI-Model Making and its Training is a tedious part. Also, the similar Production Deployment solutions require months to get delivered. These are the Conventional approaches which are followed.

TUSKER AI, right from the Ideation of Model-Making to its Execution, automates and delivers a production ready and deployment ready outcome in only few hours instead of months. Also, the end-to-end Computer vision pipeline is automated only in three-simple steps with a fraction of the cost. TUSKER AI implements mature deep learning algorithms with AIOPS integrated to Unleash & Automate End-to-End Computer Vision pipeline in only one click.

Also, TUSKER AI provides the most optimized production ready deployment for industry practices.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Harshal Trivedi: As a entrepreneur, I have witnessed many challenges and when it comes to the adoption of technology, the right mindset plays an important role. So developing the right mindset was the first-big challenge for me as an Innovator.

The right audience and to make them ready for this innovation and to prepare them for adoption in their current ecosystem was also a big struggle.

Technology Adoption and its Automation. To sustain the AI-automation pipeline in a proper manner, we had to educate the data-provider to feed data with consent in order to function the AI-Automation Technology. So this was another challenge that we took upon.

AI-Technology requires a huge-capital as it is expensive. So our major challenge was to make it cost-optimized, affordable, accessible and been able to reach every last person of the community. Therefore, we had a very optimized, cost-effective architecture promoting our AI for all mindset.

So starting from the right-mindset, educating people, resources, Data-inputs, technology adoption and cost-optimization were some Real-time struggles or challenges that were our basis in order to deliver the best.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Tusker AI Pvt. Ltd?

Harshal Trivedi: In the past six months, we have developed our Product at MVP and we have already started to implement it in 3-4 big industries.

Our customer acquisition strategy involves noting Tier-To-Tier problems in the existing ecosystem and nullifying them.

We are working with a determined roadmap with Touchless Acquisition and laying down the feedback from our existing leads.

Technically, we are working in a direction to process more and more feeds on a license basis per camera per month feeds with licensing & validations for upcoming months as our target.

As of now, our core-prime focus is Research and Product development with upgrading it with best industry practices.

For the upcoming year, Our Potential Milestone is that we want to create and sustain user base for platform integrated successfully into our Product and we want to reflect its visibility universally.

This are our 1 year expansion plan.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

Harshal Trivedi: This may sound too ambitious, but yeah, the number 1 reason I am passionate about my product and in particular AI is that I think rather than fearing that AI will spell the doom of humanity, I prefer to embrace its good visionary side that how our work with AI can be used to help drive the world forward.

Our solution saves days of work and also makes it accessible to people globally.

Also, I think, before you start or decide to do anything, keep in mind one thing that you have to deliver the best which will impact the lives of millions.



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