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Harmeet Kaur Mundae - Founder of Chocoindulge

Great Companies: Please tell me something about the business and how did you come up with such an idea?

Harmeet Kaur Mundae: I am Owner of ChocoIndulge, under the brand we are making chocolates, Tea time cakes, Cookies and spreading lots of love by conducting workshop for the same. I am delivering the goods through out India, with few orders overseas. Earlier I was only making chocolates at home, distributed it in our family and friends and i got very good feedback.This carried for 4 years without any official establishment, then my family helped me venture out in this completely. It was a struggle for me being a mother , doing job and starting this business at the same time. This business required good initial investment of 50,000/- INR for me to begin. I took the risk, I started this on 3rd February before valentines and i got huge order from one of my friend. i was very happy and thus began the chocoindulge journey. With time and efforts i learnt new things and introduced them under ChocoIndulge brand. Even today also I am learning new things, coming up with new ideas. Since 2 years I have been with BNI and doing good business there, from this platform i am getting good visibility. I also delivered the wedding order of chocolates to Singapore.

Great Companies: What are the various services and products provided by your company?

Harmeet Kaur Mundae: Customized chocolates, Tea time cakes, Cookies, Protein Bars, Energy Bars, Granola Bars, Cup cakes, Artisan chocolates, Belgium Chocolates, Nankhatai, Brownies, Healthy Bakes, workshops, we are delivering products PAN India, Conducting workshop also PAN India, Collaborated with Ranchi District Administration to train group of women under Central Govt Scheme Self Help Group (SHG), conduct various workshop, corporate workshop, doing wedding orders, party orders, corporate orders, all festive and occasion orders.

Great Companies: Why should one choose you over others in this field?

Harmeet Kaur Mundae: We are making the edibles or as we call it eddies which otherwise are not tried or available in market easily. we never say no to our client we think out of the box and find every possibility to fullfil the need of customer. We are making chocolates of green chilly, kari patta, karela etc. You just give us ingredients and we come up with solution to deliver the best possible taste. we always surprise our clients with some small efforts that we are taking and few extras like hamper box, gift pack etc that we are give with our bulk orders, this not only creates an unified identity for our brand, but also embarks the true nature as to why we are in this line of entrepreneurship i.e. To spread love through Chocolates, cakes and cookies. 

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Harmeet Kaur Mundae: Every new. Business comes with great difficulty, financial planning and risk factors. Initially everything was payed out of my pocket as customers weren't giving advance for orders for the new brand .There were many big players sitting in the market and also many renowned home bakers were also present. For  the visibility I had done tremendous marketing, exhibiting in cities for visibility so the consumer could taste my product. Almost after an year a friend proposed me for BNI which is online peer to peer marketing platform. It was another challenge and risk as one has to invest time and money in it and get the desired output. There also I took 6 months to establish myself and build the desired network for my business. Eventually people started to know me and about my best products. Now I am not seeing back as I only think what I have to do next always looking at the bigger picture to succeed, which perhaps is my biggest lesson in my upbringing from my late father.

Great Companies: What do you think are the few main things which are most important for a successful business?

Harmeet Kaur Mundae: For successful business, I will tell you what my father taught me. What I am today is because of their learning and belief only. Never forget your roots, whatever height you achieve.He always mentioned, Stay focused and rooted. Do what you believe in, no matter what the world says.The whole idea to achieve your goal is always to look forward no matter what is given to you, stay determined, follow the course and have faith in the universe as it always rewards.

I am still working in my fathers company, which now my brothers run but today I have my own brand and my own name,well recognized by people in India and abroad.



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