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Growth Foundation International - Great Small Companies To Watch Out For in 2021

Company Name : Growth Foundation International (A Brand owned by Revelation Management Consulting India Pvt Ltd)

Founders Name: James Vineeth

Company Detail : Growth Foundation International(GFI) is a fast-growing community of Entrepreneurs who inspire each other to Scale-Up Exponentially yet Systematically.

Businesses are meant to Soar New Heights by Providing Solutions for today’s Problems and having a Strategy to Evolve along with the ever-changing Local Trends and yet maintain Global Standards. The best way to Run your Business is to put the right systems in place and let it run on Auto-Pilot Mode. You can build a fool proof Business System that is poised to grow in any economic condition. That’s growing Exponentially yet Systematically.

GFI, as an Ecosystem empowers Entrepreneurs to take their Business to the Next Level - Continuously!

Location: Digital - Virtual Community & Eco System for Entrepreneurs

Employee Size: 10

Business Category : Entrepreneur Ecosystem for Business Growth

Top Reasons WHY Customers Choose to Do Business with You:

The GFI School of Thought

Well, at Growth Foundation International, we believe in the following Philosophies.

  • Great Entrepreneurs do not firefight. They run their Business in Auto Pilot Mode.

  • Great Companies are driven by Vision and Systems

  • Learning Never Stops for Entrepreneurs

  • Business Evolves when the Entrepreneur Grows from Circle of Awareness to Circle of Mastery.

Members also get the following Benefits aimed and Business Growth and that's the reason why they prefer to join us.

Exclusive membership access to the Online GFI Community Then can connect with other members globally, give and get support on various topics related to Business Growth.

• Exclusive learning access to the GFI Learning Portal They can learn some of the best Courses that will practically help you to take your Business to the Next level through step by step implementation on a DIY (Do it Yourself) mode.

• Special Access to our Power-packed Signature Digital Course “Business Scale-Up Blueprint (BSB)” that Empowers entrepreneurs to structure their Business for Scale-Up.

• Join and participate in a GFI Chapter in your location. GFI Chapters meet twice a month both virtually and physically as preferred by the Chapter’s leadership team.

• Learn and get support on Business Growth areas every week during our special LIVE learning event “Thirstful Thursday” for which the recordings are also available in the “Treasure Vault” section of the Learning Portal.

• Attend “Growth Trainings” on various topics related to Business Growth. These member-exclusive sessions are conducted virtually weekly or fortnightly by practically equipped leaders whom we call as Growth Evangelists.

• Participate in “Growth Conferences” - Exclusive GFI Members Conferences held at Regional, State, National, and International Levels.

• Become eligible to enter advanced learning modules and get on-demand Coaching support from Growth Coaches who are specialised in helping Entrepreneurs to implement the BSB systems successfully.

• Save Time, Energy, and Money by avoiding to hustle all alone to figure out the right systems and tools for Growth. We recommend tested and tried tools and templates they can just plug and play into their Business and start yielding results.

• Learning Never Stops at GFI. Hands-on learning on various topics and not limited to KPI Mastery, Visionary Leadership, Employee Engagement, Sales Secrets, CRM Implementation, Budget Mastery, Entrepreneur Lifestyle, Industrial Best Practices, Global Business Trends, Digital Tools for Business, and much more.



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