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Greeshmma Natraj - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2022

Greeshmma Natraj: Greeshma Nataraj Counselling Cafe

Name: Greeshmma Natraj

Business Name: Greeshma Nataraj Counselling Cafe

Location: Cochin, India

Establishment (Year): 2017

Profession/ Specialty: Mental Health Services ( Psychotherapy, Counselling Psychology )

Website :

Social Media : LinkedIn

Company Detail:

Most of the people land in business to seek happiness from it. Mrs Greeshmma Natraj’s idea to start her centre was to share her happiness which she got from people around her. Her motive to initiate this centre was to bring in some different definitions towards our way of living life.

In this centre, she doesn’t only deal with psychological issues by giving people just counselling but also tries to bridge the difference about people towards their perception of looking towards the circumstances and situations in this journey of life

Here, she provides counselling services, psychotherapies, tarot card guidance, healing through Reiki, life coaching, motivating and bringing out the new essence with a new aspect of one’s growing in life but living it with fullness.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

Mrs Greeshmma Natraj says that we all study the same syllabus across, but everyone has his or her skills. Each doctor and each engineer or a CA goes through the same syllabus but only a few are recognized because they believe in themselves and they keep the process of being the student throughout their life even if they grow in life with age as a number or in a career achieving the higher milestones.

In her centre, whoever has walked in has felt their unique experiences, someone liked her, way of talking, empathetic nature, place, services, her being patient or the way she addresses them.

Challenges Faced During The Journey:

Mrs Greeshmma Natraj frankly states that she never had to face any obstacles as she was very clear in what she wanted and how she wanted to achieve it. She then proudly says that her intentions are clear even today. She then adds on by saying that no one by birth is a scholar as we are all taught and groomed in the same amount of time. During this process, some pay attention and some ignore thinking they will handle it later when obstacles appear. She had smartly figured out what she wanted to do so she selected her profession only after she was thorough about it. Even today she feels that only she can be the hindrance in her life and profession as the rest are the circumstances and situations which can be sorted out with peace of mind and the right help. She earlier started with no one and then she took a pause in her career to be a full-time mother and came back with her family's support when her son was 9 years old.

Now, in these 5 years, she has achieved the National Achievers Award for mental health services for 21–22. And also A Change Maker Award in 2021.

Advice For Women Entrepreneurs:

Mrs Greeshmma Natraj simply believes that God has put us to birth with the same brains, the same colour of blood and same features. He could not be physical with us every time hence he made us. So that we can create a wonderful world for us to live in. It's not that no one is made without purpose or passion, it is a time factor. Some find it in the early stage of life and some get it in the later stage of life like the KFC’s owner. ‘Whatever is your age know your goals, your purpose and believe in yourself and follow your dreams by daring to dream again and again.’

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