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GreenArk - One of the most promising SMEs Brands to watch for in 2023

Company Name : GreenArk

Founders Name : Vishesh Khurana

City : Delhi Country : India Founded In ( Year) : 2020 Employee Size : 1-10 employees Funding : Self-Funding Business Models : Business to Consumer (B2C) Business Category : Design, Construction & Interiors

Company Detail:

GreenArk is India’s first all in one platform that brings sustainability to the everyday lives of people, by making it more accessible. We believe that eco-friendly homes are the way forward to accelerate India’s journey to become more sustainable. We create sustainable designs by measuring, minimising and mitigating.

GreenArk uses tech to integrate design partners, logistics, manufacturing, reducing electricity demands, reduction in carbon footprint to make sustainability and green interior design services affordable for home owners. Knowing your energy savings is just one click away.

How you innovated or reinvented yourself or your business during the pandemic, the economic ups and downs, or other challenges?

The company was formed on the idea of lowering the carbon footprint of homes. It is line with the UNSDGs and the Paris Agreement. There are various policies being formed in different cities and parts of the world and governments are offering grants based on the national targets. GreenArk caters to the interiors & renovation sector, and provides end to end services for home upgradation, sustainable homes, improving energy efficiency and residential interiors.

The top reasons why customers choose to do business with us

USP is sustainable homes, eco-friendly/healthier interiors and improving energy efficiency of homes by upgrading/renovating the interiors.

Future Roadmap

As of now, GreenArk is bootstrapped. We are planning our seed capital round of fundraising in Q2, 2023. The purpose of this round of fundraising is to open experience centres and expand in Bangalore & Mumbai

Founder's experience and background

The founder is qualified as an architect & sustainability consultant. He specialises in improving energy efficiency & reducing the energy consumption of buildings by renovation/refurbishment techniques, additionally using eco-friendly materials for well-being.



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