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GK Consulting- helping businesses and entrepreneurs in establishing market presence.

GK Consulting is a consultancy firm serving its clients with Business Management Solutions, Learning Management Solutions and more. It has been assisting organizations put-forth their leadership skills and talents in accordance with their strategies. The quality of their intelligence is established in the diversity of their people, their pledge to the success of their clients, and their dedication to overcoming the toughest challenges.

GK Consulting was established in 2010, with the intention of a culture of innovation, efficiency & continuous improvement, and has its headquarters in New Delhi, India. GKC has worked with more than 250 organizations, across multiple industries, offering solutions that are not only theoretical but with practical application.

In the fast moving and changing world, the organizational vision requires alignment with the leadership capabilities and collaboration at the strategic, operational and at technological level. The dynamic environment and rapidly changing technologies have made the Growth models difficult & complex, that’s where GK Consulting participate & partner with organizations, with such complex implementations.

GKC team believes in initially simplifying business practices and models and then eventually implementing them to enhance revenues for their clients. They are specialised and have been participating in growth of businesses and their expansion over a decade. They also came with certain methodologies that are easy to adopt and implement and at the same time are affordable in nature. They have been working for a wide range of diversity from likelihood projects in community building to Technological innovations in the agricultural sector.

They have been providing a wide range of services including Business Management, Enterprise Management, Distribution, IT Services & Innovation, Business Legacy Management and many more. They have been helping businesses by providing various solutions, such as, access to technology, support to explore, and also to build the sales infrastructure through enterprise community, retail distribution, Digital Community and multi channel interface.

The organization supports operations through various interventions including, something critical to the foundation of companies, that is, Building and Improving business models, Corporate Governance, Cost Management and Process Management.

The experienced core group, enable organizations with the next step, to transform their business processes by making them more efficient, agile, measurable, transparent, and scalable.

Then the addition of technological layer of enterprise wide applications that are innovative and enabling solutions that help the organizations to stay flexible and with the pace of ever evolving ecosystems.

Customer acquisition is one of the biggest challenges and expensive too. Every brand looks to penetrate and make an entry in the circle of influence for the customers, while they are spoiled for choices, GKConsulting helps them to reach out to real customers by building up a multi-channel distribution system.

A universe of handpicked technology & business partnerships helps GKC with quick implementations with RPA, Low Code-No Code frameworks, customer service infrastructure through AI/ML solutions, Industry 4.0 frameworks and many more

GKC is inviting all entrepreneurs who are looking to expand, scale and take their business beyond current adherence. They are constantly upgrading their skills and technologies to ensure that they come out with best, unique, economic and efficient solutions for their clients and guide them to the right path of success and development.



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