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Gaurrav Dhar and Monica G Gambhir, CoFounder at CUTAWAYY FILMS PVT LTD

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Gaurrav Dhar & Monica G Gambhir : An Integrated Advertising & Film Production House. This Cutawayy Ninja was originated by Monica G Gambhir, the Co Founder of Cutawayy Films Pvt. Ltd.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by CUTAWAYY FILMS PRIVATE LIMITED

Gaurrav Dhar & Monica G Gambhir : We are into Advertising films and Content Creation for Streaming Platforms.

Great Companies: What makes CUTAWAYY FILMS PRIVATE LIMITED different from hundreds of other advertisement production houses?

Gaurrav Dhar & Monica G Gambhir : We are fortunate enough to live in a day and age in which the words of prolific and eclectic filmmaking talents come readily and often. It's easy to see filmmakers as endless wells of imagination, but stone sharpens stone, and the well needs to be replenished. The Key ? No matter how natural a storyteller or experience, there will always be a need to find that creative spark. The world is fascinating. People and culture inspire us. Recently saw a reality show about reviving struggling restaurants. The premise is that an expert comes in to help save a family business and, in the process, helps the owners rebuild their relationships and their lives. In the beginning, the expert suggested that the family reduce their menu from multiple pages to just one. They created a massive list of selections because they assumed this made more value. In all reality, it was overwhelming. In many instances, less is more. Regardless of the project or dream, "the less is more" philosophy can go a long way in creating value and enabling progress. We may not have abundant resources, but this means your passion and purpose may become our greatest asset, and there's no limit to what we can accomplish when we invest in ourselves in a vision that moves and inspires.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Gaurrav Dhar & Monica G Gambhir :There's far too much clutter, given the low barrier to create a production house. Everything is becoming increasingly commoditized, and that's a big problem. There was a time when as a production company, you could have a conversation with a brand or agency about why you were coming in over budget and make the case for the value that extra cost was bringing. Now, more than ever, with so many media channels to fill and content to create, it feels like brands go into engagements with very set numbers in their head for that content. If certain production companies can't deliver on that price, it means they'll find somebody else who will.

To stay relevant, it's essential to cultivate an environment that enables curiosity and restlessness for their hard working talent to execute successful creative irrespective of the platform. Also, the biggest threat to the ad agency model is the democratization of creativity. Overall, the nature of the production company-agency relationship is in the midst of a "sea change".

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for CUTAWAYY FILMS PRIVATE LIMITED?

Gaurrav Dhar & Monica G Gambhir : Premium Cinematic Content. The aim is to create binge-worthy content for leading streaming platforms. We are developing two original multi season series. In advertising we have two very promising Advertising Directors - featuring Bhavesh J Kapadia, who has directed over 160 films, his forte lies in the performance driven and likes to explore the quirky and idiosyncratic expressions of emotions in his work. Along with Monica G Gambhir, an upcoming young Ad Filmmaker, her forte lies in the performance-driven, Sports, Hair & Beauty films; likes to keep it subtle and stylish.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting, what would it be?

Gaurrav Dhar & Monica G Gambhir : Do the best you can, try to live it down, that's our motto. Just literally give it everything you got and then know it's never going to turn out the way you want it to, let it go and hope that it does not return. Because you want it to be better than it can ever turn out.

Most importantly, when we focus on doing less and doing it well, instead of doing more and assuming it's better, we are less scattered, more deliberate, less harried, and more present. And really, isn't that what we want? It's not just the goals and the outcomes we visualize; it's the happiness and satisfaction we imagine we'll experience when we get there. It may be the most significant advantage to doing less; we create more space to enjoy those things now.

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