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Focal Media - Great Small Companies To Watch Out For in 2021

Company Name : Focal Media

Founders Name: Sonal Pose

Company Detail : A fully integrated branding agency with a core team that has over 5 decades of branding experience working with businesses globally. With presence in Mumbai, Stockholm & Vancouver we ensure we are effortlessly accessible.

Services we master at are - Ads & Animations (Housed team of brilliant director & animators) - Design & creatives (Worked with over 50 MNCs globally) - Gifting & Merchandising (over 10000 gifting options) - Printing & packaging (owned 3000 sqft. printing press)

Pl. click on the link below to get a glimpse into the projects we have successfully done.

It will help understand our work and the quality we deliver.

We only assist brands get your core communication perfectly right & improve brand equity.

Focal Media stands for style and class. Because the language of quality is universal, right?

Location: Mumbai (India), Vancouver (Canada), Lund (Sweden)

Employee Size: 12

Business Category : Marketing Agency

Top Reasons WHY Customers Choose to Do Business with You:

1)Over 15 years of presence, experience and consistent growth. 2)Have delivered brilliant projects for national & global companies. 3)Have worked for govt & Ngos by understanding the core needs of the brand. 4)Highly skilled & experienced team with a good mix of age and youth. 5)Over 85% client retention since inception of the parent company.


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