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Experience the best Garden & Landscape architecture with Sunshine’s nest and gardens!

Sunshine’s Nest and Gardens offers unique landscape designs, using ornamental plants and some of the best outdoor products. Ms. Veena Nanda, an environment enthusiast has been showing the world the magic of gardens for close to 3 decades.

This is one of most unique landscape company offering complete outdoor solutions for residences. Sunshines specialises in creating manageable, innovative and classy outdoor spaces. It is the brain child of Ms. Veena Nanda who is a landscape architect by profession.

Ms. Veena also specialises in the art of Bonsai for more than 35 years, and has won many awards for the same. She also conducts workshops for individuals, corporates, clubs, and other organisations regularly to teach the art of Bonsai. The workshop details are present on the website of the company. Her immense passion for gardening and interest in outdoor decor gave birth to the idea of opening a small garden boutique.

This small boutique turned out to be one of a kind in the entire country and she ran it for 10 years. In the span of these 10 years she gained immense popularity among garden lovers. This led to her customers demanding and wanting Veena to start landscaping residential gardens. Her passion and love for gardens made her start landscaping for residences and it has been twenty five years now since she has been creating beautiful gardens for her customers.

Veena makes it a point to ask her customers about their requirements to understand their taste and budget before coming up with some extraordinary designs and holistic solutions. She herself performs a lot of site inspections, personally supervises all the working procedures, coordinates with the vendors and suppliers, manages the resources and makes sure that all the deadlines of the projects are met. She has an eye for detail when it comes to outdoors and is very creative and artistic with her designs. Achieving the best results is Veena’s aim and for it she leaves no stone un-turned.

Sunshines has a wide and interesting range of products and services which they offer their customers. Sunshine’s Nest & Gardens help their clients with every aspect of one’s landscape which includes green-scape and hard-scape. Their green-scape services include laying lawns, vertical gardens, veggie gardens. ornamental plants, hedges and green roofs. They also provide unique planters in different mediums like stone, polymer, concrete, FRP and ceramic. Their hard-scape services include pergolas, gazebos, flooring and roofing options, furniture, lighting, wall cladding, water features, sculptures, pathways etc.

Veena believes garden spaces should be created in a way that not only looks beautiful but should also give you the joy of sitting and enjoying the space. She gives a lot of importance to garden seating options and furniture and has a huge range of options, from metal, wood, to stone and wicker. The furniture she suggests always goes with theme of the garden.

Once a person starts enjoying dinners in their own patio, there’s no regret! One of the most important features of their garden decor is lighting. They source lights to fit into the theme of gardens just right, because they think lights add best to a garden’s ambiance. Lighting for walkways, focus lights, solar lights, lamps, etc. are some of the lights they bring to add to the ambiance.

They believe in the presence of water in a garden to be therapeutic. They therefore mostly include water features in some form or the other in their landscapes. Sculptures and artefacts according to Sunshine add to the character of the space. They provide with some amazing sculptures of Buddha, gnomes, bird houses, bird baths, and other interesting figurines to suit every garden. Sunshine also designs exotic bar and fire places to spruce up gardens!

Sunshines has gained immense popularity and recognition today since it is one of a kind. While combination of plants and garden décor is common, creatively satisfying the demands of individual customers is not everyone’s cup of tea. Veena does it perfectly well and so she completely deserves the credit.


Today, Veena is one of the leading landscape architects in the country. From barren grounds she magically churns out beautiful gardens which are both easily manageable and an absolute treat to the eye!




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