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Emily Reynolds Bergh: Winner of the 2024 Great Companies International Women Entrepreneur Award

Name: Emily Reynolds Bergh

Business Name: R Public Relations Firm

Location: Nashville , USA

Establishment (Year): 2011

Category: Advertising & Marketing

Profession/ Specialty: Public Relations

Social Media : LinkedIn

Company Detail:

Built with heart and innovation, R Public Relations is a unique boutique PR firm. They pride themselves on understanding the custom needs of every client they work with and making them their own. They are fueled by their clients’ passions and the people that make their businesses run. From representing restaurants and bars to nonprofits, hotels, and businesses with brands that the world needs to know about, their mission is to provide exceptionally creative and inspired services for their carefully curated list of clients whom they respect and admire. They are a remote agency, with offices in Nashville, New York, and Austin, representing clients from around the country and everywhere in between.


Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

At R Public Relations, their offering stands out as a beacon of heart and innovation in the realm of PR services. What truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to tailoring their approach to the unique needs of each client they have the privilege to work with. Their distinctiveness lies in the following key aspects:


  • Personalized Approach

  • Passion-Driven

  • Creative Brilliance

  • Diverse Expertise

  • Respect and Admiration

  • Global Reach, Local Touch

R Public Relations thrives on making your brand "their own." Their team's passion, creativity, personalized approach, and diverse expertise make them the go-to choice for clients who seek not only exceptional PR services but also a genuine partner invested in their success. Join them in shaping narratives, captivating audiences, and making your brand an unforgettable presence in the world.


Challenges Faced During the Journey

Emily Reynolds Bergh started her company after leaving another firm on Christmas Day - she was not experiencing the authenticity, the passion, and the vigor that she wanted to convey to clients and made a leap of faith with no financial backing. Her car crashed, literally like a country song, and she required money for its repairs. Instead of repairing the car with the dealer, she took half the money and started her business.

She set up a website, a new name, and focused on getting the word out. She was available for hire, things transpired, and before she knew it, she had many new clients and a full-time staff member - they kicked butt! It was hard and not for the faint of heart, there was a lot of being scrappy and putting things on credit - but they grew and today they have a team of over 15 and are in 3 cities, working remotely around the country — it’s pretty amazing!


Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Find time for yourself - Emily's suggestion: book your mornings because she loves them and really doesn't accept or adjust them unless absolutely needed — when you work for yourself, try to be the best boss to yourself.



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