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Dr. Praveena Jagdish- Director of SchoolSkies

GREAT COMPANIES: Can you commence by telling a little about your start –up?

PRAVEENA JAGDISH:Our start up was started with an intention to take schools online and connect Parents, teachers and students at one common platform. The vision is to help schools online.

GREAT COMPANIES: How do you manage your clients?

PRAVEENA JAGDISH:Mostly through online training sessions and support.

GREAT COMPANIES: What is the purpose of your company?

PRAVEENA JAGDISH:The purpose of company is help schools embrace digitization and help connect with parents. Also educate teachers on using intuitive edu tools.

GREAT COMPANIES: What does success look like in this position, and how do you measure it?

PRAVEENA JAGDISH:For us success is measured by the success in implementation of the product and how its being used purposefully to solve the students and parents issues.



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