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Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma

Business Name: Vishwas Healing Centre

Location: Delhi, India

Established (Year): 2001

Category/ Industry: Health & Wellness

Profession/Specialty: Mental Health and Wellness

Social Media: LinkedIn

Company Details:

The mission of Vishwas Healing Centre is to help people realize their core strengths so that every individual can lead a happy, meaningful, and content life. And if the empowered person would spread his/her learning with the world, it would become a happy place.

Unique Selling Proposition/ Competitive Advantage:

The company aims to help clients discover their strength within and recognize the presence of a healer inside everyone so that they can heal themselves and live better lives. Once the customer develops and cultivates the power of healing within themselves, they can find a cure for their ailment through healing.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

The biggest challenge is that talking about mental health is still considered taboo. The other challenge was making people connect with healing and psychotherapy. Not everyone is ready to talk about their problems. It is important to find a way to talk about problems like anxiety, depression, and anger management.

Advice For Women Entrepreneurs:

The foremost recommendation by Dr Pooja to all women is that they should cultivate their emotional well-being by engaging in things that make them happy. By following their hearts and pursuing things that they love, they will infuse creativity into their lives along with it they will attract success.



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