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Dr. Mahalakshmi Anilkumar - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Dr. Mahalakshmi Anilkumar

Business Name: Suparnas Management Consulting Pvt Ltd

Location: Bangalore India

Establishment (Year): 2018

Category/Industry: Professional and other Business Services

Profession/ Specialty: ISO Management Systems (Governance & Compliance), Data Privacy, CMMi, Cyber Security & many more

Social Media: Linkedin

Company details:

The company specializes in designing, optimizing, and managing frameworks, management systems, and compliance requirements to help businesses excel. They prioritize trust, integrity, and professionalism in their work and offer proven solutions with a track record of understanding technical, security, and process requirements. Their experienced team provides customized business solutions and works closely with clients to enhance their framework, security objectives, and compliance. They cater to various industries and domains and focus on building excellent management systems with measurable impact.

Unique selling proposition/ competitive advantage:

Unique selling proposition or competitive advantage is an important aspect for any business to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Including compliance and governance with certified experts and qualified auditors as part of your selling proposition can help showcase your commitment to following relevant laws, regulations, and standards. This can be particularly important for businesses in heavily regulated industries or those seeking to build trust and credibility with their stakeholders. By prioritizing compliance and governance, businesses can position themselves as responsible and trustworthy partners.

Challenges faced during the journey:

As an entrepreneur, it is important to realize that having great knowledge of your product or service is not enough to build a successful business. Skilled and certified resources, sustainability, team building, branding, sales, and marketing are all essential components. Building a culture that values and utilizes technology, processes, and people is crucial to achieving long-term success.

Advice for women entrepreneurs:

To advance and thrive in life, one must avoid negative thinking and step out of their comfort zone. Being open to unlearning and relearning, taking calculated risks with a contingency plan, and learning from failures can all be key factors in achieving personal and professional growth.



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