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Dr. Kamini Pawan of Ramchandras Jussmile Dental clinic

Great Companies:  What are the services Ramchandras jussmile Dental clinic provide to its customers?

Dr. Kamini Pawan : While we offer general dental services,We are more focused towards 

1. Root Canal Treatment

2.Invisible Braces,

3.Smile Designing 

4. Dental Implants.

5.Full Mouth Rehabilitation  

Great Companies: What is the main objective of Ramchandras jussmile Dental clinic?

Dr. Kamini Pawan : The main objective of us has always been providing maximum value.In India,there isn’t much awareness on dental health.Unlike the developed countries,dental check up here is done only when there is pain.Keeping this in mind,we provide treatments that last a lifetime,whereas when there is a product involved like Zirconia crowns or dental implants we provide the best that comes with a warranty. 

Great Companies: What makes  Ramchandras Jussmile Dental clinic different from others?

Dr. Kamini Pawan: At Ramchandras Jussmile Dental Clinic we harness the power of technology in dentistry.Digital Technology has positively influenced every aspect of dentistry which has led to the improvement of treatments compared to the conventional procedures.Invisible Braces or Aligners in the recent years have completely overtaken dental braces.Invisible braces provide great comfort compared to the dental braces,and it is virtually invisible.Apart from providing comfort,patients get to know how the end result of the treatment would be.All of this is possible only due to the technology like Artificial Intelligence,3D designing  and printing.   

Great Companies: How do you manage your customers?

Dr. Kamini Pawan : Over the years we have earned trust from thousands of families. Patients from various countries have visited our clinic in chennai.While looking back at what has made people trust us,the answer has always been simple -” Honesty & Transparency”

Great Companies: What is the main reason behind the success of Ramchandras Jussmile Dental clinic ?

Dr. Kamini Pawan : Patient Experience is the main reason we have grown all these years. When it comes to dentist,or dental clinic people always have a fear,we have successfully changed that among our patients. For us the success lies in the patient's experience,a cherishable experience.



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