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Dr. Anneli Driessen - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Dr. Anneli Driessen

Business Name: International Metaphysical Academy Inc.

Location: Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Established (Year): 2009

Category/ Industry: Education and Learning

Profession/Specialty: Metaphysical Education

Social Media: Linkedin

Company Details:

The International Metaphysical Academy offers a unique study program to assist individuals in accelerating personal and career performance by integrating divine principles and universal ethics rooted within most religious and spiritual traditions. It is grounded in universal knowledge with practical hands-on application to meet everyday challenges and foster consciousness expansion and personal responsibility. Its mission is “to facilitate high-level Spiritual Education for Consciousness Expansion through Critical Thinking, Applied Knowledge, Personal Responsibility and Love.”

The company is working with global leaders who are committed to inner confidence, freedom, purpose, and love by inspiring and affirming their teams and guiding them into a safe and profitable future. She delved deeply into psychology, mysticism, metaphysical subjects, and scientific discoveries. She has also served 30 years as a Clinical counselor specializing in couples’ therapy.

Unique Selling Proposition/ Competitive Advantage:

For Dr. Anneli, the Metaphysical Academy is a venue to help people seeking spiritual knowledge and guidance through a down-to-earth cognitive approach to develop new leaders for today and future generations. It is her life’s calling so to speak. She wants to contribute to a world which is governed by love and intelligence. She is also certified in SQ21 which is a self-assessment tool for Spiritual intelligence.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

According to Dr. Anneli, she had to face a lot of ridicule, discrimination, financial losses, abandonment, and illness as well.

Advice For Women Entrepreneurs:

The advice that is given by Dr. Anneli is to know why you are selling your product or providing a particular service. Is it aligned to what you want? And is it making people’s life more enjoyable, better, and safer, and more wholesome?



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