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Dheeraj Vardhamsetty of Suyogg Exports And Imports

Great Companies: What all services does your company provides?

Dheeraj Vardhamsetty: We sell ENGINE CARBON CLEANER AND STEAM WASH MACHINES..both are 100% eco friendly and green products

Great Companies: Who are your target customers?

Dheeraj Vardhamsetty:Start ups and new aspirants in automobile sector..WE NEED SERIOUS PERSON ,who have fire to grow .

Great Companies: What all challenges did the company face to establish itself?

Dheeraj Vardhamsetty:We are the only company and first one in 2016 to start this products.We started from scratch and today we are operating in 17 states of india..

Great Companies: How do you manage to cater the divergent needs of your customers?

Dheeraj Vardhamsetty:We work on the concept of dealers and we appointed each in 1 state.We emphasis more on our client growth and consequently we also growth..SUCCESS IS MUTUAL .

Great Companies: What is your success mantra

Dheeraj Vardhamsetty:We dont work on money subject entirely ,its a part ..our focus is gaining trust and we deliver confidence  to our clients..we support each other in reaching the goals.SUCCESS IS SELF DEFINED.IT IS NEVER ENDING.we believe in 3 principles PLAN ..EXECUTE..REPEAT..

in business we general do 2 mistakes...

1. we underestimate ourselves and overestimate others.. 

2. we overestimate ourselves and underestimate others...

TO GAIN SUCCESS,SELF ESTIMATION IS NEEDED AND PLANNING FOR TOMORROW IS IMPORTANT..I PERSONALLY DEPEND ON HARDWORK WITH MORAL COURAGE AMONG OUR TEAM. i strongly recommend and believe on 1  prime factor in is"" TIME""".when we kill time ,eventually you r committing suicide unknowingly ..

Great Companies: What is your mission? How far have you been successful in achieving it?

Dheeraj Vardhamsetty:My mission is to have 30 states and 4 u.t presences far i am in 17 states end of 2021 i will complete my mission. along with that we want to touch 20000 services by end of far 9000 services are done .



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