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Devarshi Pathak, Founder at Shree Hatkesh Photo

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Devarshi Pathak: This is my story. It was winter of 1987 at Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

My friend and I visited a renowned photographer of our region. It was my friend’s desire to make a career in photography, I had just Accompanied him.

He put forward his desire to him and asked for an assistantship, with which he could train himself. It came as a shock to both of us, when he was refused to assist; giving reason that he did not possess any artistic qualities. I felt bad for my friend and argued to defend him. I too was termed as ‘non-artistic’ human being and was advised not to take any profession related to art. It was a bad night for both of us.

My friend accepted the ‘verdict’ and chose another path. Though I was not inclined to photography or any other art I spent sleepless nights thinking “what was lacking in me that all artists had”?. I told myself, if I did not have an artist in me, I will create one.

To pursue my new dream I started assisting a local photographer, free of cost, but learning the technique of good photography. I also went to a local coaching studio for theoretical knowledge, but soon left it as I had started believing that true school of photography was out on the streets, amidst mountains, in jungles and among millions of people around me.

I left my ‘teacher’ after three years and started my journey as an Independent professional photographer.

After 20 long years in this profession I now head a team of 15 people, comprising of photographers, videographers, technicians, light boys etc. yet I feel, I am still a student

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Shree Hatkesh Photo?

Devarshi Pathak: Video Ad Shoots, Corporate Films, Promotional Videos Short Films, Music Video Event, Videography Event, Photography Product, Photography Industrial, Photography Restoration Work, Children Photography, Aerial Photography & Videography. 360°virtual Tour- Real /3D, All Type of Photo and Video Production Live Streaming ON Social media Like Face book & YouTube. MULTIMEDIA, LED Screen Rental PLAZAMA Webcasting.

Great Companies: What makes Shree Hatkesh Photo different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Devarshi Pathak: I took photography as a profession just to see the world thru my leneses and show it back to the world its real pictures.

To capture creations of God & Man, both so beautiful and absorbing be it mountains, rivers, wildlife or even centuries old archaeological monuments to modern day architectural marvels. At time I feel Man is competing with the Creator by achieving higher & higher standards of marvelous creations but of course only to loose in the race in the end.



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