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CULTURA - One of the most promising SMEs Brands to watch for in 2023

Company Name : CULTURA

Founders Name : Jonathan Bonanno

City : Tempe Country : Unites States Founded In ( Year) : 2020 Employee Size : 1-10 employees Funding : Self-Funding Business Models : Business to Business (B2B) Business Category : Consulting & Staffing

Website URL :

Company Detail:

CULTURA was founded in December 2020 with a vested interest in improving workplace health and culture overall. CULTURA offers solutions grounded in psychology to support the people, performance, and experience of your organization. CULTURA holds great emphasis and passion in the areas of Talent, Leadership, and Culture. We have found that these areas hold the heaviest weight across any organization yet are commonly undervalued, underdeveloped, and unappreciated.

How you innovated or reinvented yourself or your business during the pandemic, the economic ups and downs, or other challenges?

I created CULTURA with the overarching goal to advance people operations in dentistry. The field of dentistry is commonly overlooked as a conduit of healthcare, but in order for dental professionals to instill healthy oral standards of care with patients, they must first look at how they are operating as a team. The direct role we play within dental practices or organizations is to elevate the existing talent, leadership, adn cultural components of the workplace. Having first hand experience working inside these poorly developed categories ultimately contributes to the lack of psychological safety being present. We are dedicated to reinstilling psychological safety for people to be in their superpowers, increase performance standards, and ultimate cultivate a playful experience.

Top Reasons WHY Customers Choose to Do Business with You :

1. Talent Acquisition,

2. Organizational Leadership Coaching,

3. Workplace Culture Transformation,

4. Implementation Management

Future roadmap

We are looking to further our impact and reach with the dental market. Our goal is to pivot from our niche in dentistry to begin servicing the greater healthcare market. Our development plan for next year is focusing on our Talent Acquisition & Optimization arms of the business. We are growing our partnership network - why compete when you can collaborate? So, we are doing just that by supporting other

Founder's experience and background

10+ years in people operations - more than 6.5 years in pharmaceuticals and over 4 in dentistry in a sr. leadership capacity.



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