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Cuekids - Great Small Companies To Watch Out For in 2021

Company Name : Cuekids

Founders Name: Khyati Bhatt

Company Detail : We offer fun-filled unique courses that focus on using body language techniques made simple for kids to learn from. Our programs are available for kids aged 7-12 years.

CueKids was initiated by us at Simply Body Talk, a company specialising in the niche area of nonverbal communication since 2013. Looking up the latest research and competitor offerings showed our content team something startling about kids and nonverbal behaviour.

So many misconceptions are afloat when it comes to kids’ people skills. For example, search for emotions and kids and you will find tons of companies offering to teach kids how to understand emotions by reading faces. This is not the right approach. The fact is, kids are born with an ability to read the basic emotions on faces. If one wants to encourage kids to be good at human interactions, it has to be better than this. Which is why at CueKids we take a holistic approach of teaching kids to focus on the entire body language rather than just facial expressions. This helps them understand other people better and improve their own communication skills. For various different type of interactions that kids would be doing as they grow up like speaking in front of an audience, connecting well with parents and friends, choosing the right career, making sense of the world around them etc.

Through the years, at Simply Body Talk, when we have worked with some of the best companies’ senior leaders, our attempt has been to teach an approach rather than leave the audience with a few takeaways. This helps them imbibe a learning for long term benefit. Our method for connecting with kids and imparting useful lessons stays the same, only here it would be only through fun activities and games that they can relate to, and yet challenge their minds.

Location: Mumbai

Employee Size: 03

Business Category : Training and Education

Top Reasons WHY Customers Choose to Do Business with You:

Body language is a subject not much explored in India using the right research and science.
All our programs for children focus on adding an edge to their personalities by tapping nonverbal communication.
Our programs are updated from time to time, are customized once we understand the level of knowledge of kids in any particular program, activities require kids to think for themselves, and takeaways are shared with parents after each session. Feedback on kids is also given to parents at end of the course.


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