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Codewave Technologies - One of the most promising SMEs Brands to watch for in 2022

Company Name: Codewave Technologies

Founder Name: ABHIJHITH HK

Company Detail: The Company’s framework which enables different technological companies to actively help them with the strategic digitalization goals and enabling startups.


Establishment (year): 2013

Employee size: 51-200 Employee

Funding (type): Self Funding

Business models: Business to Business (B2B)

Business Category: App Development, Design thinking and Digital Transformation Company

Top reasons why customers choose to do business with them:

  • Their best design thinking consulting is the main ongoing reason

  • They have excellent quality, design and developed talents

  • They are hardworking , durable and secures fast applicant

  • They are gullible, clear and seeks zero constraints in terms of communication with their clients

As a result of the recent pandemic, how did they modify their business practices?:

They have been very cheerful from the very start. The company’s framework and management actions and their excellent resilience have helped them to cope up with the problem arising amid Covid situations and in fact they have continued hiring amid pandemic which enabled them to prosper more in their business.

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1 Comment

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