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Chetan Shaha of E I Silver

GREAT COMPANIES: Can you commence by telling a little about your start –up?

CHETAN DILIP SHAHA: We at E i silver started in 2011, with passion to serve the society with our pure silver artifacts and antique jewellery, a retail store .Later in 2013 we got a very large order of a perticular piece ,quabtuty 6000pcs, which was not possible with our outsourcing partner.we planned to start up a small manufacturing unit of 150 sqft. which also made us enter in wholesale market.So we started to focus of pan India wholesaling  ,since we were the only people selling 9250 in 2013 got used response in it.Later in 2014 the expanded manufacturing unit to 1800 square feet area and since then whenever look back.2019 we open a second wholesale unit in Pune.

GREAT COMPANIES: How do you plan to increase your marketing?

CHETAN DILIP SHAHA:About marketing lock down period we have been talking with companies like franchise India started to make our SOP stronger.Incoming times we look towards franchising business in retail as well as wholesale.We have also signed a contract with the social media marketing company.

GREAT COMPANIES: What exactly does this company value the most, and how do you think my work for you will further these values? CHETAN DILIP SHAHA:The core value of the company is trust we always give only what we say.Second value says let's grow together.Is a budding entrepreneur we think to grow faster we need to help others grow.

GREAT COMPANIES: Can you give some examples of the most and least desirable          aspects of the company’s culture? CHETAN DILIP SHAHA:Our employees are our family every employee on his birthday celebrates his birthday in store.Any marriage functions or any other functions all the E i silver team attain as a family.We believe in educating our customer about the purity and quality,rather than just telling him what we have.

GREAT COMPANIES: How does this company define and measures success? CHETAN DILIP SHAHA:Success according to us is satisfaction , sometimes it happens that the company doesn't get a single rupee in transaction but then the customer satisfaction is the success we achieve.Over the time we we got to understand that's success is not what in the profits success in the people.Success is what people talk about you behind you.success is making your dad proud. success is the satisfaction of employees.Vinu if my family my employee they are not happy then no sales they make will get a customer back.



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