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Chestha Singh- Influencer/ Journalist

Great Companies: What all services do you provide? Chestha singh: My page provides tools for all stages of an influencer marketing campaign. These include Campaign Creation, Campaign Lifecycle Management, Digital Term Sheets, Product Tracking, Content Collaboration, Trackable Sales Links, Creator Performance Spreadsheet, Campaign Analytics, and Payments.Also, I Use the power of the media to share my perspectives on the issues I care about. Write letters to the editor, post blogs, create videos, share on social media, and spread my youth encouraging message.

Great Companies: Since when have you been working as a blogger and a journalist?Chestha singh: I started influencing in 2018 a few month. I had been working in a really stressful management job and going from working 50+ hours a week to being home all day made me feel a bit lost. I started influencing as a hobby really and documented my health and fitness journey as a creative outlet. Now I am into journalism , management and influencing. Great Companies: Why did you choose to be a part of this field?

Chestha singh: I believe once the “hype” dies down, modern-day influencers will become entrepreneurs and scientists. They can share useful content that teaches and inspires, absolutely free of charge.And The purpose of journalism is to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities and their societies.

Great Companies: Can you tell us about the various projects you have worked on?

Chestha singh: I had work for Hershey's chocolate, Rizzle app,cityfurnish app, Network 18, Literature film festival,mtv , Viacom18,iqunta , different NGO , #girlpower and many post on feminism. 

Great Companies: What are your future prospects? Chestha singh: I have good business skills and want to work in film or television, a career as a producer, the chief executive of a film or TV show, Also,

Understanding the media and how it influences people is a skill needed in the advertising industry.