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Charles P- Director and Founder of Kaarlo Training & HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Great Companies: Please tell me something about the business and how did you come up with such an idea? Charles P: When I was 5 years old, I handled classes in the evening(as a game) for children younger than me. The classes were very interesting, in that many parents sent their children to the classes. This went on for some days. When I used to be in the school & college, during classes I always day dreamt how I would handle the same classes in my style and in a much simpler way. So, I always wanted to be a trainer(& not a teacher) who walked the talk and talked the walk. Eventually I became a trainer within 8 months of starting my career, however because of my exceptional performance in training students, I got promoted very quickly as an Assistant manager and then as a Manager Training, and I couldn't handle classes myself but had to train, monitor and bring up trainers under me. Subsequently I became an HR manager, taking care of both training and a lot of HR activities. Whenever I decided to leave my current job, I would want to start my own Training institute, however I didn't have the courage to start it. This went on for more than 13 years and finally with 13+ years of experience in Training as well HR, I had the biggest urge to start my company in October 2017. I was working as a Deputy Manager HR in a very big manufacturing company at that time. It was a tough choice, no one was supportive of my decision. However, I formed this company in December 2017 only with the support of God, as a private limited company while still serving my notice period in that company. Finally, I got relieved from my job in February and this company was launched in June 2018. My company is a unique blend of training, recruitment & OD functions. There is no industry of any size that we can't cater to. There are many recruitment agencies. Great Companies: What are the various services and products provided by your company? Charles P: Recruitment solutions: We provide free placements for candidates for any job across India and thus we have a huge number of candidates in our database. We have hundreds of clients to whom we place these candidates as per their needs. Training solutions: We provide corporate training to employees in companies of any industry on behavioural topics and HR & marketing related topics. We provide campus training to students on soft skills, HR, Marketing and placement related skills. We provide personal training in our company premises on HR, IELTS, Spoken English, Communication Skills, Personality Development, Interview skills, Lateral Thinking, etc. Organizational Development(OD): We help small and medium sized companies become more productive and more successful by helping them in doing/setting up HR functions in their companies such as Framing policies, Performance management, Payroll processing etc. Great Companies: Why should one choose you over others in this field? Charles P: We are a professional HR company who don't charge any penny for placing candidates unlike many who do. We also provide free internships for MBA and other course candidates on HR, Marketing, and Content Writing.Because of that we also have a very big database from which we can easily meet our clients'  requirements. We use an advanced world-renowned ATS(Applicant Tracking Software) which helps us find candidates from multiple sources in a single click and also makes it easier for clients to approve or reject profiles which we submit them. We have a highly engaged team of employees who work closely with clients in getting their requirements filled in a short time. Our training is the best which is practical and very interactive and result-oriented.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face? Charles P: Being a startup company, we have been facing challenges and struggles from day one till date. Initially, it was hard for me to attract talented employees to work with us, as they thought it was a small company. Everyone wants to work in a big company with 100+ employees. However, the situation has changed a lot now, as we have built our reputation and many are interested in joining us. One of my employees stole all our company's data such as clients' and candidates' database which was the first big blow for me within the first year of starting my company. Even some clients have cheated us by stealing our candidates without our knowledge, not paying us citing silly reasons, delaying payments and so on. My company is located in KK nagar, Trichy which is not the central part of our city, so though many were interested, they couldn't come to the classes or sessions that we conduct. Being the first time entrepreneur from my family, and running this company without any partners to assist, I made a lot of mistakes, however I have corrected and now we are on the right track. Great Companies: What do you think are the few main things which are most important for a successful business? Charles P: Being customer-oriented and not dumping some product or solution on them. We need to keep customers first and should not lose their trust by satisfying our needs or big clients or politicians. Building a highly engaged workforce who will take care of the business no matter if somebody is monitoring them or not.Using highly advanced software which will reduce errors and bring good results. The vision to change the social evils that are done to our fellow humans.

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