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Chandrankit Sharma- Founder of The Madzik Show

Great Companies: Please tell me something about the business and how did you come up with such an idea?

Chandrankit Sharma: As an artist, I always try to find innovative ways to solve problems. It was in college that I realised life is more than just numbers and formulas. I always believed in a wider perspective so I decided to learn more about this creative art and pursue my passion as a professional Magician and Mentalist. Here Iam to share the same experience with people to induce creativity and motivation along with fun and entertainment.

Great Companies: What are the various services and products provided by your company?

Chandrankit Sharma: We perform for : Corporate shows, Private Parties and Public shows. Also we give workshops on "How to think like a Magician" which can be used in business and in day to day life to get an upper edge from the rest of the world.

Great Companies: Why should one choose you over others in this field?

Chandrankit Sharma: One should choose us because it's an unique concept to mix magic and mentalism with business not only to entertain but to learn on how to widen the perspective and enhance creativity. Moreover the show is humours and jaw dropping so why not learn with fun.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Chandrankit Sharma: The main challenge is to introduce this Indian art form to a wider group of people as a tool to enhance human capabilities and not just a medium to entertain.

Great Companies: What do you think are the few main things which are most important for a successful business?

Chandrankit Sharma: I truly believe "attitude" plays the biggest role in achieving any goal. Once you have that right attitude with a good mind set, everything is possible.



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