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Catherine Barrow: Winner of the 2024 Great Companies International Women Entrepreneur Award

Name: Catherine Barrow

Business Name: Cuarteto Ars Misik

Location: Toluca , Mexico

Establishment (Year): 2008

Category: Advertising & Marketing

Profession/ Specialty: Cultural Marketing

Social Media: Linkedin

Company Detail:

Catherine Barrow, a distinguished violinist with a passion for chamber and orchestral music, laid the foundation for the Ars Musik Quartet in 2008, driven by an unwavering commitment to musical and artistic excellence.

Since its founding, the Ars Musik Quartet has emerged as a shining beacon of chamber music excellence within the dynamic city of Toluca. What truly distinguishes the Quartet is their unwavering commitment to not only performing classical music but also to celebrating and actively engaging with their audiences.

This dedication lies at the core of their distinctive approach to concerts, ensuring each performance is not just a recital, but an immersive and unforgettable experience for all who attend.

Rather than simply announcing upcoming performances with a standard repertoire and then looking for patrons to support them, the Ars Musik Quartet invites their patrons to join them in experiencing the magic of classical music while networking with remarkable individuals.

Picture mingling with Governors from Central and South America, Ambassadors representing countries such as Germany, South Africa, India, and France, alongside some of the country's foremost business leaders—all while enjoying the timeless compositions of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms. It's a refreshing twist that underscores the Quartet’s belief in the power of connection.

The past year has been nothing short of extraordinary for the Ars Musik Quartet, with a principal patron (Baalam Rosíl from Mexico) supporting them in over 25 captivating concerts. From enchanting performances for esteemed embassies to intimate gatherings in picturesque Mexican cities like Los Cabos, their music has resonated far and wide, including at the esteemed BNI National conference in Colombia.

At the heart of their repertoire lies a commitment to breathe new life into the masterpieces of classical composers. The Ars Musik Quartet guides its audiences on immersive journeys through the rich tapestry of chamber music, spanning centuries from the Baroque brilliance of Bach and Vivaldi to the stirring compositions of Mozart, Beethoven, and beyond.

The Quartet’s enchanting performances have graced prestigious venues such as the Cultural Centre of Toluca, the French Alliance of Toluca, and the National Academy of History and Geography in Mexico City, captivating audiences with every sublime note.

Additionally, they have had the honor of performing at esteemed Colombian landmarks like the Salt Cathedral and the Museum of Botero in Bogota, among other distinguished venues.

Furthermore, they have cultivated meaningful partnerships with the business world, facilitating European companies' integration into the Mexican market through their support of the arts.

Thanks to innovative collaborations with leading companies, the Ars Musik Quartet’s music has reached audiences in Ireland, Australia, Israel, India, Peru, and now Colombia and Germany, expanding their global footprint.

The Ars Musik Quartet is poised for an exciting new chapter as they prepare to embark on a concert series patronized by the esteemed Osmium Institute in Germany, a testament to their ongoing dedication to musical excellence and cultural exchange.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

The Ars Musik Quartet´s resounding success in 2023 came from a simple change of words and emphasis in their offer to potential clients.

Instead of saying "They will be playing Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, would you like to sponsor them?", the quartet has focused on the AUDIENCE in their offer: "They will have ambassadors, governors, large company owners, in their concert audience. Would you like to sponsor them? They will be playing Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms."

They have found that success can be as simple, and as close, as the changing of a few simple words.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

Filling Classical Music concert halls has been a challenge which classical music performers have had to face for over the past 50 years, if not more. A HUGE emphasis, not only on fresh approaches to finding patrons, but on publicity on social media as well, goes a long way in filling those huge spaces with applause from happy, large audiences.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Her advice, aside from NEVER GIVING UP, would be to say, "Look at your offer. A small change in the wording of your offer could lead to finding your perfect client."



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