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Catherine Barow - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Catherine Barow

Business Name: Ars Musik String Quartet

Location: Toluca, Mexico

Established (Year): 2008

Category/ Industry: Travel, Food, Event and Entertainment Art

Profession/Specialty: Cultural Marketing

Social Media: Linkedin

Company Details:

The Ars Musik Quartet collaborates with international business partners who are interested in advancing art and culture via creative business promotion initiatives. The Ars Musik Quartet has collaborated with financiers from Ireland, Spain, the United States, Israel, Canada, and Mexico since November 2021. Each investor has a distinctive presence at the concerts the quartet performs, and they are allowed to display banners, fliers, and personal videos before, during, and after the shows. At the networking/wine toast that takes place at the conclusion of each performance, the investors also have the opportunity to talk with attendees who are curious to learn more about the show's sponsor.

Unique Selling Proposition/ Competitive Advantage:

Classical music and exquisite eating have been viewed throughout history as complimentary partners, providing unique networking possibilities and elegant ballroom clothing. Classical music, not pop or rock, should be playing during a lavish supper with kings and queens or in the presence of the president of a nation. Apparently, a buddy of Catherine said, "Classical music offers much more than just aural pleasure. At classical music performances, networking occurs in a special way that cannot be duplicated elsewhere." The sophistication of high-society parties and the chances for high-level networking are connected by classical music. These gatherings and the networking that takes place there wouldn't exist without it.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

In Mexico, the string quartet had to develop a brand-new concept from scratch. Like the Beatles, Ars Musik String started off by playing in a bar to gain expertise and public exposure. Following a year of performances there, Musik String continued their wild voyage by performing at memorial concerts for Gandhi and Mandela, facing silence during COVID, producing songs, and performing at more museums. Notwithstanding the ups and downs, the quintet is grateful for and humbled by their quick ascent to local and global acclaim.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Her advice is to never stop smiling and never give up



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