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CA Harsh Mehta- Founder & CEO of Money Plus Consultancy Services

Great Companies: What all consultancy services do you provide to your clients?

Harsh Mehta: MONEY PLUS CONSULTANCY SERVICES is providing One Stop Solution for all the Legal, Financial and Technical services required by Real Estate Industry, which includes, RERA Consulting , RERA Registration, RERA Compliance, Real Estate Law Litigation services, Project Planning , Taxation, & Corporate Advisory.

Great Companies: How do you manage to cater all the requirements for real estate industries?

Harsh Mehta: We have team of Professionals for respective services with good experience. As we are providing one stop solution due to which we are easily able to understand the requirements of the client and accordingly customised solution we are offering to them. In our company we have define standard work process due to which it is possible for us to provide prompt and timely solutions to our clients.

Great companies: What are your commitments and how do you plan to achieve them?

Harsh Mehta: Commitments : We would like to be one of the Leading consulting firm in Real Estate Industry who provide one stop solution.

If we say about achievement, we are continuously doing research about the need of the market and we also updating our self with daily changes in the laws.

We aim to deliver Quality services & timely services to our clients and to act as Partners in Growth by creating meaningful and lasting values for both of us. We are committed to make difference amongst the way in which the industry operates.

Great Companies: What all big projects have you worked for till now?

Harsh Mehta: We have consult many project having costing of More than 250 Cr Plus. The Projects of Gujarat Housing Board, Iscon Group, Satyam Developers etc. and many other cliental we have consulted.

Great Companies: What keeps your company on the track and drives you?

Harsh Mehta: Continuous learning, Research and support of the clients.



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