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“Marketing without data is like driving with eyes closed”

Every businessperson aspires to provide complete customer pleasure / satisfaction. With the economy getting competitive day by day, having a thorough understanding of customers' challenges and preferences has become crucial for any organization. Market research is the most effective tool to boost consumer happiness, analyse business aspects, and improve performance. Market research gives in-depth information about competition, customer pain points and preferences, current market trends, consumer buying patterns, economic movements, and demography, among other things. Today's business owners recognize the value of market research and use it to develop effective strategies.

However, the majority of business owners are finding it challenging or do inadequate market research. That is where Rose Market Research stands apart and ensures that its clients have no doubts during the process. Bharatbhushan Nirmal, who has 16+ years of experience in Field Operations and Client Servicing, founded Rose Market Research in 2018.

Because the entire functioning of a business is dependent on human interaction, Rose Market Research is involved in data collection and mostly uses the traditional approach in its operations. The organization continues to stay up with changing trends and keeps itself equipped with new methods and technology. Overreliance on technology for data collection can be an obstacle to successful business decisions, especially when it replaces the face-to-face interactions in data collection and insights.

Complex technologies, according to Nirmal, are incapable of capturing what human minds can say and they lack human touch, they are in contrast to the conventional method, which is based on human connection. He believes that face-to-face interaction is still the most effective and impactful communication tool in the digital age. Face-to-face interaction is the most effective way to engage others with empathy and influence. It fosters and strengthens excellent professional relationships that are impossible to reproduce in a virtual setting.

Artificial intelligence may have some role to play but only till a certain extent where it may analyse Audio and video footprints and give out numbers, but as informed earlier, human feelings can be understood only by humans and so traditional methods will never fail in capturing the correct data.

Furthermore, Rose Market Research does not accept liability for over-promising and under-delivering. Under-promising is never a bad idea; failing to deliver results in dissatisfied and disappointed clients. The company is well aware of its capabilities, ensuring that they execute on their promises. It also creates consumer trust by being completely upfront with them about the services they desire and what they can reasonably expect to receive. Furthermore, because primary data is so important in market research, the organization constantly sticks to its core business of collecting primary data, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The main data sample allows you to get extensive information about your company, competitors, and the industry as a whole from prominent industry participants.


· The team consists of people who have at least 10 years of expertise in data gathering, and the majority of the team consists of interviewers, who provide ground-level clarity.

· A dedicated crew that provides timely updates

· Correct commitments on what is possible and what is difficult

· recognizing and accepting their limitations

· Quantitative Data Collection (Telephonic, F2F, Online)

· Expert Depth Interviews

· Focus Group Discussions

· An experienced lawyer with a track record of success in the legal profession.

· Experienced attorney with a track record of success in the legal profession. Capital

Markets and Securities, SEBI legal proceedings, Legal Due Diligence for a Company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), Corporate Law, Arbitration, Civil Litigation, Document Drafting, Real Estate Documentation-Litigation, and Criminal Laws are among her areas of expertise. A strong legal expert with a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Business Law and an Advanced Diploma in Cyber Laws from Mumbai University.


Despite all of the terrible aspects, many attempted to find one positive aspect to hold on to. Every firm attempted to rely on it while also innovating. Rose market research has also explored new ways to innovate. They had enough time to focus on what they do for their clients and to do it correctly. They believe in quality service to limited number of clients then to over commit big number of clients, of course they are working on the bandwidth to accommodate and give best service to all their clients. In the pandemic they were able to gather themselves and bounce back in a more effective manner, and it became an opportunity to become more efficient and competent with the services they provided to their clients.


They will make clear pledges to client about what they can and cannot do for them; they prefer to say no to overcommitting to something. They are reliable and serve their clients with efficient market research solutions.


Mob1: 0091-9892611475

Mob2: 0091-9892611275

Additional Note

Rose Market Research focuses mostly on direct communication and keeps interactions simple, attempting to eliminate a lot of chain communications and hierarchies in favour of direct communication, which leads to in-depth analysis and a high level of confidence in the data. Furthermore, the organization ensures that the actions are continuously monitored to guide the internal devoted team. The team consists of professional data collectors with at least ten years of experience, with the majority of the team consisting of interviewers who provide ground-level clarity. Employee satisfaction can be greatly influenced by flexible work arrangements. Rose Market Research provides employees with flexible work schedules and arrangements, allowing them to work as little or as much as they like. The team has a 30% corporate culture and a 70% family culture, which allows them to learn and observe more in an environment that allows each individual to be free.



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