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Biswajit Muduli, Founder at Foliyoo Technologies Pvt Ltd

1. Startup name and parent company name: FOLIYOO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD [Foliyoo Express]

Year of incorporation:2018

Founders or co-founders (BISWAJIT MUDULI, 29, and CEO)

Where it is headquartered: BHUBANESWAR

The problem it solves/unique offering:

Funding raised so far, how many rounds/investors.

Team size/scale: 12

2. Gives us a brief/ backstory on how the company came into being. Please include, what you were doing before, how this idea clicked you, and what you did after getting the idea. Also tell us, how you knew your co-founder (if any), and what made them become the co-founder, etc. What was the initial seed capital you used to begin the company? etc.

Biswajit spent his childhood among Adivasi children in tribal-dominated and it’s also a Naxalite–Maoist area of Odisha ‘Balimela, Malkangiri’. “The difficulties that truck drivers had to undergo while spending days in the forests used to touch me as a child. After completing Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications from KIIT Polytechnic under KIIT UNIVERSITY and BBA from Sikkim Manipal University, I joined my family business. And then after I started a plumbing business in Balimela, Malkangiri ”..

3. What are the problems you are trying to solve? and who are your competition, how do you stand out?

I started my own plumbing parts shop at Balimela in Malkangiri off Odisha. It was then that I realized the difficulties that truck drivers usually face in the transportation of materials. I understood that the transport sector is a huge opportunity for both the truck owners and customers who are shifting materials. Thus, in 2018 I launched Foliyoo a transport logistics startup.

4. What is your revenue model? and how have you grown in terms of business? Please share some growth numbers, such as tie-ups or number of clients/ revenue generated, or any other achievement which tells about your business outlook.

It provides complete transportation solutions to its customers through the web and mobile-based applications. Shifting and moving-related concerns can be addressed in a simple three-step process through Foliyoo. One can easily get a reliable truck supplier and manage it through mobile.

5. How much investment has gone into the company and how did you get that capital? What are you looking to go ahead with further?

I got investment from my own plumbing business. Initially, that was the backbone of foliyoo Express.

6. What are your plans for the next 12-18 months?

We plan to start operating in Kolkata very soon and in the next 6 to 1 year we will expand further in Kolkata, Sikkim, Bihar and Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh,” and next plan to launch this platform in Bangladesh and Nepal. End of the year we are planning to focus on electric goods transport vehicles for green transportation.

7. Any particular reason to choose Bhubaneswar as your base?

‘O’ for Odisha ‘O’ for Operachaunity. Govt of Odisha has been providing the best platform and support system to launching a startup company. Bhubaneswar is one of the top smart cities in India. Most of the users are easily accept the technology. That's why Odisha is the best place for launching a startup company.

8. Feel free to add anything else such as challenges in your segment, or opportunities, achievements, etc,

Our Achievement

1: At The cove 19 pandemics startup India taskforce selected for COVID 19 Startup

2: Foliyoo Express has qualified for the CHUNATI 1.0 Challenge Under the NGIS scheme it is a seed funding support scheme of the Govt of India. Govt will provide 25 Lac seed funding.



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