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Bhumika Iyer : Winner of the 2024 Great Companies International women Entrepreneur Award

NameBhumika Iyer

Business NameKalibre Global Konnects Pvt Ltd

LocationAhmedabad , India

Establishment (Year): 2014

Category: Employment Activities

Profession/ SpecialtyRecruitment

Social Media: Linkedin

Company Detail:

The company specializes in HR services, including talent acquisition, manpower outsourcing, and payroll processing. In recruitment, they focus on industries such as infrastructure, transportation, and energy, particularly for mid and senior-level positions.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

The company prides itself on its deep understanding of company culture and its ability to provide high-quality, thoroughly examined CVs that serve as assets to client companies. They also possess a strong understanding of the industries they operate in, enhancing their ability to meet client needs effectively.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

Initially, the company faced the challenge of proving itself in a niche industry. However, they believe that perseverance, discipline, and self-belief have been crucial in overcoming obstacles. They emphasize the importance of hard work and maintaining faith even in difficult times, leading to eventual success.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Bhumika Iyer advises women entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and their abilities. She highlight the unique skills of women, such as multitasking and planning, and encourage them to take control of their own destinies. Rather than relying solely on male relatives, she encourage women to become self-reliant, asserting that they can outperform expectations and earn the pride of their male counterparts.



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