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Beyond Bilingual Inc. , Winner of the Great Companies Global Business Award - 2022

Business Name: Beyond Bilingual Inc.

Name: Afsi Varasteh

Location: Toronto Ontario

Establishment (Year):

Category / Industry: Recruitment / Staffing

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Recruitment

Number of employees: 1-10 employees

Company Detail:

Beyond Bilingual Incorporated in 2007, Toronto-based Beyond Bilingual provides recruitment services that go beyond the expected to help clients find exceptionally talented bilingual employees. In addition, the company regularly assists individuals actively looking for employment in bilingual roles in a wide range of industries. It is through proprietary candidate matching, unique vetting processes, and deep, industry experience that Beyond Bilingual has been able to find hundreds of bilingual candidates for careers with leading companies in Toronto, the GTA, and beyond. Whether you are an employer or a would-be employee, Beyond Bilingual is ready and uniquely able to assist in your search.

The solutions to Customer problems:


Beyond Bilingual is more than an employment agency, we are opportunity providers! They use their network, expertise, and rich industry experience to find the best job and organization for you – they know our passion will propel you toward long-term success.


Beyond Bilingual see candidates as people, not just resumes. They are interested in getting to know you and your aspirations. Their friendly team is there from start to end to help prepare you for interviews and to give you valuable tips and support so that you are confident to move on to the next step.

Unique Value Proposition:

They carefully handpick, vet, and provide only the best candidates with relevant industry experience they dig deep to find out what’s most important to our clients and what attributes the ideal candidate must have. They provide a highly targeted, pre-screened short-list of best-fit candidates to save our clients time, energy, and money They can fill most positions with exceptional bilingual candidates in 10-14 days

Target Market:

Bilingual Candidates

also, clients who seek Bilingual Candidates in any of the below areas

Bilingual Customer Interactive positions include Customer Service and Order Management, Account Management, Inside and Outside Sales, Claims, Marketing Specialist or Coordinator, Logistics Support, and others.

Company’s Internal Objectives related to innovation, customer service, and operational excellence:

Most innovative products/services

A customer’s review:

Reliable products/services

The main point of attraction:

A solid and stable and fun company where everyone is successful

Community / Society Service:



They continuously support charities such as sick kids, and other Animal Charities. Also in 2019 Beyond Bilingual Inc built a school in Femboul Nwoye, Senegal! The children of Femboul Ndoye will now have access to quality education and a path out of poverty.

Below you will find photos of the community in Femboul Senegal partaking in the building of the Beyond Bilingual School.

Looking at the smiling faces of those kids is absolutely priceless.



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