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BeMahika Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Business Name: BeMahika Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Name: Hiren Kulkarni

Location: Mumbai,India

Establishment (Year): 27/01/2022

Category / Industry: Education and E-Learning

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Skill Development

Number of employees: 1-10 employees

Website :

LinkedIn :

Company Detail:

Their Purpose: To improve employability of women and diversity at work. For companies who want to achieve their employability and diversity goals, Mahika provides access to their portal with an industry-ready talent pool and highly trainable women candidates who have exposure to simulated work environment.

Their Mission: To lead women towards financial independence by giving them a career headstart. Mahika is a free digital learning & placement platform for women. They intend to create a socioeconomic impact by skilling women with basic class 12th education, making them financially independent and thus improving their quality of life. As a result, benefiting both the women and the corporate sector, thus participating in building a prosperous nation.

The solutions to Customer problems:

Mahika aims to solve problems at both demand side and the supply side. While on one had companies struggle with long hiring lead times, unplanned absenteeism, early attrition, low productivity, high employee acquisition costs and low diversity ratios, there are aspiring and educated women on the other hand who are completely unaware of job opportunities in such cmpanies because of low exposure to the industry, low employability and barriers to employment due to personal issues.

Mahika works as a bridge between both these parties by providing easy access to skill-based online learning at no cost and preparing them to be the preferred candidates at job interviews. Companies get an access to their job portal with an industry-ready talent pool and highly trainable women candidates who have exposure to the simulated work environment.

The Platform:

• World-class content designed by EdTech Scientists from IIT-B

• Gamification to motivate learners to achieve their learning goals

• Micro-learning methodology to suit the audience’s needs

• Chatbots for learner engagement and interactivity

• Psychometric and Aptitude tests to assess job fitment

• Simulator for hands-on training and learning reinforcement

• Job portal for corporates to hire industry-ready talent

Unique Value Proposition:

Their innovative solutions propose to create employable women candidates suited for back-office jobs in ITeS-BPM, BFSI sectors. These industry-ready women candidates help reduce hiring timelines of companies in these sectors and their cost per acquisition. Their industry-specific and learner-centric courses are designed by EdTech scientist from IIT-B that leads to the holistic development of learners through gamification, micro-learning methodology. The psychometric job fitment assessments and aptitude screening ensures matching of learners to specific job-roles.

Target Market:

Mahika targets active job-seeking women across India with minimum Class 12 education who can speak decent English. They also encourage women who are on a career break to get back to work.

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