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Be the Architect of Our Own Beliefs

Do you think the construction sector is a notoriously tough one for women?

Meet Zeenat Ghoor, founder of Aspire Consulting Engineers in South Africa, a woman who is changing these mindsets by her example. She proved that everything worthwhile in life is won through surmounting the associated negative experience. She achieved through hard work, and grit and determination in the face of challenges. However, the will of an entrepreneur to succeed makes her hustle and grind, till she makes it.

Zeenat started almost seven years ago in one of the harshest, coldest, meanest industries where she was treated a certain way because she is a female. The journey was not easy. Being a woman, she faced many challenges in her career, she often gets an eyebrow raised when she says “I am an engineer” and used to get surprised responses when she answers the phone and the caller expected a man. E-mails are addressed to Mr Ghoor, not Ms Ghoor. Scenarios like this remind you that we are in a frame of mind especially to think that engineers are males.

Trying to persuade contractors, architects, clients and other engineers that being a female engineer does not make her inferior has been the biggest challenge. Zeenat was bullied and she often felt not good enough for this industry.

One success at a time and many many failures made me realize this is where I am meant to be and I have to be strong and persevere, which I am trying to do daily.” said by Zeenat Goor

When Zeenat was about to have her first child, she started looking for a job 4 hour job with flexibility. But she couldn’t find one in her industry so she created one. Did you know, she doesn’t come from an entrepreneurial background? In fact, she comes from a very conservative family and starting a business was something very strange. Nevertheless, she got the support in her journey to make it successful from the loved ones. “What I realize is that you are born to be an entrepreneur and it is a calling, and once you are in it you know this is where you belong.” said by Zeenat Goor. She pushed her own boundaries each and every day to do the things she loves, no matter how tough the industry sector might be.

Aspire Consulting Engineers was founded back in 2015 by Zeenat Ghoor which provides structural and civil engineering services and Project Management to the public and private sector. This proudly South African company has provided collaborative solutions in the Residential, Commercial and Industrial space. Delivery, attention to detail, relevant compliances set the company apart from competitors. She is building a successful civil and structural engineering business that is people centric, transforming spaces that are accessible and safe for everyone to use.

Zeenat has a small loyal team. The team believes and lives with motto every day - WE ARE OUR PEOPLE. All the people come from different backgrounds and have different strengths. They learn together and grow together, which makes their team much stronger. She employs people that embody the same passions she does and bring care and compassion to the Construction sector. Teamwork makes the dream work and they are enjoying their journey.

Ghoor believes in:

  • commitment to excellence

  • self-development; she notes that in engineering, you learn something new every day

  • employing “SWANs” – people who are smart, hard-working, ambitious and nice

Zeenat Ghoor is one of those women, who is building a business on her terms in the tough construction sector. She is breaking the traditional mould. Zeenat is a role-model for so many other women to follow, particularly those who are looking to break the glass ceilings in their own chosen industry sectors.

If you want be successful in life, surround yourself with like-minded people and be prepared to fail. Everyone wants to be successful until they realize what it takes. This is not about willpower or grit. This is not another admonishment of “no pain, no gain”. This is the most simple and basic component of life; our struggles determine our success. It’s a never ending upward spiral. And if you think at any point you’re allowed to stop climbing, I’m afraid you’re missing the point. Because the joy is in the climb itself. So, realize what it takes and just do it.

Edited by Anjali Rawat



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