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BAVANI SIVAM - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020



Statutory Compliance related to Labour Law

Company Details

Samarthana Corporate Services Pvt Ltd an emerging KPO established in 2013 which has successfully made the transition from Start-up to a small business and strongly focused to expand its base bigger with Pan India Presence. Our corporate office is in Chennai; have team working based out of Madurai and Bangalore; we give pan India services all over India through our associates. Our employees are deputed in companies located in 5 States. Our objective is to ease the process of startup and established companies to comply the statutory compliance related to labour law, which is essential part of Corporate Governance and ensure the companies to confidently focus on their organisational goals. We understand the companies requirements, help them to register and obtain Registration Certificate or License for the company under the applicable act, handle all the allied act applicable to it, payroll compliance including ESIC and PF, conduct Compliance Audit, handle monthly statutory compliance to all Industry wherever employer and employee relationship exists. We support all Industry from small time business to big Corporates. Our focus primarily on small and medium scale industry as they need a Professional Support on managing Statutory Compliance and help them to focus on achieving the Company's primary goals.

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

Compliance Industry is majorly driven and handled by Entrepreneur's who are men. As a women I need to meet Corporates and Government officials to have smooth operations in any Organisation. Many suggested that being a female having a recruitment agency would be a better bet. I was focusing on this because not many small and medium companies were getting appropriate and a professional support for ensuring compliance in the organisation. Being a female it gave a different approach, though it was challenging but it was interesting as well. As a responsible citizen I wanted to bring in change to the organisation and to the country as a whole. Initially many were hesitant to give work and skeptical whether I will be completing the work given and continue my services for a long time. It took atleast two years to build the confidence and establish Samarthana. Now no looking back and the respect and recognition is automatically created with the quality of support given to the Client. Now Samarthana is known in the market for Compliance Management

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

As elders say, when you educate a men, he educates the family; when you educate a women she educates the society. Women are backbone of the house and the Country. All women are confident, strong, determined, creative, caring and passionate about things that they do. Many women in India were not aware of their self and suppressed of their qualities due to various reasons. We need to surround ourselves with people who are positive in Nature to bring the best in us. Appreciate and thanks for the positive things are given to us. Women should respect, support all women around her and help them to be successful and happy. This will transform into a beautiful, peaceful and happy INDIA.

To what do you attribute your success

I attribute my success to my Mother Mr. Santhi Gopal. She is the backbone for me and without her I am nothing here. My father was in Real estate business and I lost my father when I was doing my 1st year. Though he was in real estate business, he didn’t save anything due to his bad habits and bad company. My mother struggled a lot to manage the house and to complete my education. My mother became the inspiration for me and gave the courage to face the world independently. She made me a go getting in everything that I do. I faced my challenges and came up in life. As the coin has two sides, my first part of life and whatever I am is because of my mother. The second part I would attribute it to my husband Mr. Kumareshan Sivam. He is a boon to me. Marriage plays a vital role for both men and women; it is not a relationship between two person rather two families. My mother in law Mrs. Kala Sivam and my father in law Lt. Col Parama Sivam were like my mother and father and showered love to me like a daughter. He allowed me to work and take up challenging position in an organisation; gave the freedom to support my mom and take care of her. When I wanted to start my business "Samarthana"; he encouraged me and gave me confidence and support to establish the organisation in 2013. Now it is in the 7th year and running successfully with 70+ employees. When I got conceived for the second time, I was a Marathon runner. I completed 10 km run in 1 hour 29 minutes when I was 7 months pregnant. I did this to say to the world that that Pregnancy is a blessing to enjoy; any activity which a women carries out before marriage can be continues and need not restrict from being normal in life. The entire family gave the support for me. My mother and my husband has given me the support to run the family with my daughter Khushi and my Son Kabir around and also manage the organisation successfully. They help me to manage and have the work life balance. My mother and My husband are the reason behind my personal and professional success. I dedicate my achievements to both of them

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