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Basavaraj. S- CEO of KAMBAR Products And Services Pvt. Ltd.

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your business?

Basavaraj S: we started as a corporate merchandise company in the name of iWear in 2006.  2 years after we started,  recession hit us in 2008-09 and IT companies were severely hit.  Needless to say, it was difficult to run our business of corporate merchandising.  At this stage, we forayed into industrial uniforms where I could leverage my years of experience in this field. And after a couple of years we opened a new firm called SAFETY FIRST to cater industrial safety products and in the year 2015-16 added corporate gifting verticals to the company.

 After 13 years in the business we currently provide service to more than 300+ clients. Our clients are from small companies, Industrial (Manufacturing ) and Corporates (Specially IT).  Since our product portfolio was diverse, we thought consolidating it under one company would be better and hence we launched KAMBAR Products and Services Pvt Ltd. 

Great Companies: What makes you different from thousands of other wholesale firms in India?

Basavaraj S:- we (KAMBAR) firmly believe that a long term relationship with our customers new or existing is the key to success.  Significant effort goes in to ensure that each customer is taken care of right from the time the initial contact is made to servicing them right and delivery.  Each customer is treated with the highest levels of quality and communicated on the status of their order periodically.  This ensures that there are no surprises for the customer.  

Apart from that, We provide a wide range of products and services to our clients. When they get all they want under ONE roof, our clients don’t want to go anywhere else.  Couple it with high levels of quality even in our packaging, and they don’t get any reason to go anywhere else. 

No wonder, we have retained clients since we started 13 years ago  

Great Companies:  How do you enable businesses build brand identity with skilled workforce?

Basavaraj S: - Gifting is a space where we would like to see joy in the face of the receiver.  If anything goes wrong, the receiver may not complain, but the giver will not feel good about it.  Hence, utmost care is required to ensure that the gifts our clients want to give are of the highest quality.  This includes communication, product and packaging alongwith post sales activity as well.  

Kambar Products and services stands for this level of unmatched quality at each stage of the customer cycle.  We realise that our people play a critical role there and hence we ensure that they are well trained in their respective accountabilities and represent Kambar as ambassadors.  We invest in their training significantly and ensure that they build their capability to deliver to the required standards all the time. 

We are also focusing on digital marketing that includes social marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and CRS as well.  Our entire focus is on superlative client experience.

Great Companies:  Can you brief a bit about your Work Culture and ethics.

Basavaraj S: We have a very open work culture.  Each one of our staff is free to air their suggestions and ideas anytime.  We share feedback and if eligible reward for good performance.  We are forever exploring and looking for new ways to service our customers.  

It is because of our ability to understand our customer needs and recommend the right service that customers love us.  We keep our customer needs very high on our priority list and keep our internal company metrics very low on the priority list.

Great Companies:  Can you gist out the wide range of services provided by Kambar Group?

Basavaraj S: KAMBAR is a multi-dimensional corporate solutions organization innovating and producing goods and services for businesses and industries. We provide an extensive range of quality and affordable products that can be customized with the help of our design tools to suit the needs of our customers enabling them to select, create and personalize products that are best suited for their business needs. Apart from corporate merchandise, we specialize in manufacturing industrial wear and safety equipment for the workforce in industries.

Our wide array of gifting products means that all customers have something or the other to choose from and will be happy they did business with us.

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