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Ayesha Kotwal - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Ayesha Kotwal

Business Name: UpRisers Preschool

Location: Pune, India

Establishment (Year): 2022

Category/ Industry: Education and Learning

Profession/ Specialty: Education

Social Media: LinkedIn

Company Detail:

Children between the ages of 2 and 8 can receive foundational stage care and early childhood education at UpRisers Preschool, which takes an integrated approach. The five pillars of education that we focus on are: 1. Physical Socially 2. Emotionally Mental, 4. Spiritual, and 5. Every child at UpRisers Preschool will have a lot of skill, creativity, intelligence, compassion, love, truthfulness, and the virtues of sharing, but most importantly, they will all be incredibly happy people.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

UpRisers Preschool fosters contemporary world skills while encouraging the "Old Gurukul System" and the "Sanskaars" in a child. This fusion learning makes UpRisers different from other institutions. Programs are an affordable, naturalistic style of education that was created with consideration for all socioeconomic classes.

Challenges Faced During the Journey

Since parents today choose e-learning and gadget- and device-based learning, running a preschool with a Gurukulam model presented challenges from the outset. Due to the originality of her idea, she ran into problems when parents questioned her. Also, parents oppose the idea of exams for their kids because the word "exam" causes terror in youngsters of this age group. The main obstacle was also money because UpRisers Preschool is entirely self-funded and has not yet received any funding of any type. She was in need of money, so it was challenging.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

For all the women with dreams, passions and visions, you are doing great. Keep working hard and you will see the results. You are already a leader by choosing to be an entrepreneur. Be consistent in your business and you will see hard work pays off and miracles do happen.

1 comment

1 Comment

Digital Nil
Digital Nil
Mar 08, 2023

Congratulations Ayesha!

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